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They lay their eggs in the water because the baby amphibians develop in the water.

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How do amphibians reproduce?

they reproduce externally and internallyThey lay eggs in water.Amphibians, like fish, lay eggs in the water.by laying eggsThey lay eggs.All amphibians reproduce by laying eggs in the water.

What amphibians live on land and go back to the water to reproduce?

Frog was the amphibians live on land and go back to the water to reproduce.

Why do amphibians need water to reproduce?

Amphibians depend on water because they do not drink water the way we do through the mouth, they take it in through there skin. Also if they are not in water they can not reproduce.

Do Amphibians reproduce in water?

Yes they lay their eggs in water.

Do amphibians need water to reproduce?

Yes, Amphibians need water to reproduce. They generally lay their eggs in water. They young hatch with gills instead of lungs and spend the beginning of their lives in water.

What are alligators Amphibians or ReptileshttpwikianswerscomQAre alligators reptiles or amphibians?

Alligators are reptiles. Because they don't require water to reproduce, they are not amphibians.

Do amphibians reproduce asexually?

No. Amphibians reproduce sexually, as all vertebrates do.

Do amphibians live a double life?

Sort of, Amphibians live in the water and on land but spend most their adult life on land, returning to water to reproduce.

What is that word when you live in water and on land?

Amphibious - animals that live on land and water are amphibians (although technically amphibians need to return to water to reproduce/lay eggs)

Do amphibians need water to breed?

BREED means to reproduce. Amphibians need to live near water to "breed" because their eggs have no shell to maintain a liquid environment.

Why bryophytes are called amphibians of plant kingdom?

Need to be near/in water to live and reproduce.

Do Amphibians have appendages?

Yes. Many, if not most amphibians crawl or walk around on land with their little appendages or legs, and need water only to reproduce in.

Similarities between mammals and amphibians?

have a backbone, need air, need water, and reproduce

How do you use the word 'amphibians' in a sentence?

What are you an Amphibian? Show some humanity for once!

Why do amphibians often live near water?

Because they need water to reproduce...their eggs need to be wet at all times...

What type of animal evolved that lived out of water but reproduced in water?

Amphibians live on land and breathe air, but must return to water to reproduce.

What are the similarities between reptiles amphibians and mammals?

They all have a spine They reproduce They all need air and water

Why do amphibians have to reproduce in water?

because the sperm is allergic to air. so dies. like a caterpillar in a blender.

Explain why amphibians must return to the water to reproduce?

Many amphibians, like the frog, reproduce in water as the new generation will spend its first few months a water animal. For instance, the frog lays an egg, which becomes a tadpole, breathing through gills. Were the amphibian not to return to water, any eggs that were fertilized would not survive.

Is toad fertilization internal or external?

As with most amphibians the fertilization is external. The female releases the eggs and the male fertilizes them. Amphibians, even toads, need water to reproduce.

Do amphibians reproduce sexually?

Yes..The females of amphibians are usually larger than males.

Are reptiles or amphibians better suited for a dryer climate?

Reptiles are better suited for dry climates. Amphibians must always be moist, and in order to reproduce, they must have access to water.

What factors contributed to the success of reptiles on land?

The first and most important would be the ability to reproduce internally on land. Amphibians for example need water to reproduce. Another reason is their thick epidermis which is water tight and prevents drying out. Finally they have fully developed lungs, again, unlike amphibians.

Is it true Early land animals had to return to the water to reproduce?

Early land animals had to return to the water to reproduce.

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