Why do animals become endangered?

Endangered animals are endangered due to many reasons. Some of them are more endangered than others. Here's a list of some reasons why some animals are endangered:

  1. Illegal hunting and poaching
  2. Habitats destroyed or polluted
  3. Changes in climate or food sources
  4. Competition from invasive species
  5. Lack of food, water, and living space (overpopulation)

Sadly, most animals become endangered mostly because of man. Either man is building Skyscrapers or tearing down their natural habitat, or man is killing them off. In Africa, the government had to set up a program to protect elephants from poachers, who would kill them just to get their ivory tusks. The American Buffalo is also protected because people were killing too many of them. In Canada, moose are hunted, but only a few hundred permits are issued each year, depending on the population of moose in any given year, and depending on each province, as each province has its own laws and regulations on what animals to protect.