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Animals generally only mate with their own species due to ingrained behavior and the genetics of attraction. There are examples of inter species mating with similar species, especially if the population of one species is so depressed that the ability to find a mate of the same species is remote. This behavior occurs because the drive to reproduce is very high.


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No, because they are not the same species of animal. Only animals in the same species can mate.

Only if the animal is in the same family as the rabbit. (Feline, canine etc.) No.

Male animals usualy do not mate with other males but many mythological animals don't base their sexual culture on gender. Even dogs occasionally mate with the same gender. It is not uncommon for two of the same gender to mate.

The animals in Minecraft do not have genders - two animals of the same species can always mate together, and then either parent can mate with the offspring.

There could probably more than one animal, but the only animal I know of is Wolves. Wolves mate for life, so they will keep the same partner their entire life, and if one dies, it is highly unlikely the surviving mate would take another.

No. Only same or extremely similar species can mate and have offspring.

No, they are solitary animals. They only come together to mate.

They do, but not in the same way as humans. And all animals (except humans and dolphins) only mate to reproduce. Hope that helps! :)

Yes but they can also mate with other species as well.

A species, only two animals of the same species can mate and have viable offspring (offspring that can also reproduce)

I'm sorry different animals cannot physically mate how ever different breeds of the same animal can. E.G: a Greyhound (Dog) + a poodle (also a dog)

Usually a certain type of animal can only mate with the same type of animal, except the very few like a donkey and a horse which make a mule.

whales mate with other whales of the same species.

Same as how human grow. They eat. Some animal can grow only in a small extend especially the animals with exoskeleton

because most animals have no conpent of 'belonging' to a group . the vast majority of animals lead solitary lives only speaking out others of the same species in order of mate .

Because most animals have no concept of 'belonging' to a group. The vast majority of animals lead solitary lives, only seeking out others of the same species in order to mate.

No, they are not the same animal.

Put a male and a female (same animal) in together and let them do the rest. Animals wont mate unless all their needs are satisfyed. Sometimes, they will mate and nothing will happen, it takes time. Some animals can cross breed to create new animals. I think this mainly happens with User created animals however.

to attract a mate of the same species.

Basiclly the same as any other animal really. The only difference is albino animals are white with pinky eyes.

1. Slugs are not animals, their mollusks' 2. The only difference is the shell

Animal hostipal vs. Veterinary clinic is pretty much the same thing because there job is only to treat animals.

Not unless you are the same type of animal or very,very,VERY closely related.

Swallows are one species of animals that mate for life. They choose a mate and then stay with them throughout their lives.

It means an animal that has been bread by two of theexact same bread. Like with cats, two Siamese tabby cats mate, you get a pure bread kitten. But if one Siamese tabby and one brown tabby mate, the kittens are not pure bread. The animals that are mating have to be the same bread or their not considered pure bread.

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