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Why do apples turn brown?

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Fruits such as apples and Pears will rot if exposed to certain fungi. These fungi are relatively weak but can attack damaged or overly ripened fruit. When fruits such as apples ripen, they give off a gas called ethylene. Ethylene gas accelerates the ripening process, which will lead to over ripening.

The easiest way to prevent browning is to put the sliced apples in water. You can also squeeze like lemon juice on and helps it keep from browning. Most of the time apples brown when cut them. Apples can turn brown even when they are not cut though, but it takes considerably longer to brown.

Basically because the apple contains Iron. The iron inside the apple rusts when it comes in contact with air and that's why it turns to that brownish color.

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Which kinds of apples turn brown the fastest?

the red apples always brown the most, then the green apples and the yellowish goldish apples.

What does oxidation do to apples?

It makes it turn brown

Which apples turn brown faster?


What causes apples to spoil?

Oxidation (Exposure to oxgen). This is what causes apples to turn brown.

Why does milk of magnesia turn apples brown?

No it wouldn't

When do apples turn brown?

when cut and exposed to air. lemon prevents browning. when extremely ripe they turn brown.

What happens to apples that are wrapped in foil?

What happens when sliced apples are rapped in foil you ask? Guess what they still turn to yuck! They turn brown.

Why does apples turn brown?

you doshe bag its getting old!!! and cause the oxyegen hits the apple then thats when the apple turn brown

Why does an apple turn brown when you put salt on it?

Putting salt prevents the apple from turning brown. Apples turn brown in the air because they oxidise in the air.

Why apples turn brown?

Oxygyn rots the apple and ruins the food

Why do apples turn brown more in soda?

because of sugar and sodium

Why does white distilled vinegar turn an apple brown?

the fumes are poisonous to apples.

What happens to sliced apples rapwhen they are put in?

They turn brown and look nasty

Why do apples brown after you bite into them?

When apples are bitten into of cut and left out, why do the brown? Apples brown because of the oxogen in the air mixing with polyphenol oxidase, the enzymes. When this happens the apple oxogenizes and turns brown. The reason they turn brown is because the oxogen, the enzymes, and the iron in the apple and in the air mix and it damages the cells

What chemicals in apples make them turn brown?

Apples turn brown because an enzyme in the apple called pholyphenol (or tyrosinase) reacts with oxygen and phenols containing iron whithin the apple, which basically forms a sort of rust on the surface.

Does lemon juice soften an avocado?

No. Lemon juice prevents the avocado from turning brown (like apples turn brown)

Why apples donnt go brown when boiled'?

Apples go brown in the presence of oxygen. Boiling means that the apple doesn't come in contact with oxygen.

How long does it take for a peeled apple to turn brown?

With some apples this only takes minutes. This is a chemical reaction that happens with all apples.

How will apples with lemon juice still turn to brown?

The lemon juice keeps the apple from oxidizing.

Do bananas turn brown faster near apples?

I've never heard of that being the case.

Why do apples turn brown when it is cut?

why means the oxygen will spread into it in apple maleic acid is present

What causes an apple to brown?

Oxidation causes apples to turn brown. The browning you see is a result of the polyphenol oxidase (PPO) enzymes oxidizing.

How do you slice apples day before and keep fresh?

Squeeze lemon juice on the apples and they will not turn brown if sliced before using a day or so later.

How does apples spoil?

The question properly would be "How do apples spoil?" Eventually, they will turn brown or get brown spots on them if you leave them in the refrigerator too long... Try to use them before they begin getting brown spots. And frankly, you can still eat them and bake with them -- just cut away the brown spots. But I wouldn't ...

What cause the discolouration in apples?

when an apple is cut oxygen activity the enzymes in the apple causing it to turn brown