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Archaeologists work slowly and carefully in order to recover as much information about an archaeological site as possible, which can then be used to interpret it. More specifically:

* In order to avoid damaging the artifacts they hope to recover. * To make sure as many artifacts as possible are recovered.

* In order to avoid missing changes in soil texture and colour that may indicate different layers of construction or abandonment of a site. * In order not make mistakes and to be exact in what they're working on.

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How do archaeologists avoid damaging artifacts?

Archaeologists dig slowly to not damge the artifacts.

What is the name for archaeologists who work underwater?

Archaeologists who work underwater are known as underwater archaeologists.

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Why do historians need archaeologists and anthropologists?

Historians rely on the work of archaeologists and anthropologists and their study of prehistory.

How many hours do archaeologists work per week?

Archaeologists work an average 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, but their work hours vary greatly depending on the kind of Archaeologist and what things they are researching. The 40 hour week schedule is for Federal Archaeologists that work in federal offices or government offices, and Archaeologists that work in museums. They are required to work at least 40 hours a week on average.

Archaeologists believe that the people of the Indus civilization?

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Do archaeologists work alone?

no typically as teams.

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Who do archaeologists work for?

Archaeologists may work for various people including universities, archaeological contractors, government agencies, local authorities, museums or charities.

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What do you call people who work in a archiogical dig?

They are called archaeologists.

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i dont know :P

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