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It's all about your lifestyle and eating i am Asian and I've had some flaws and scars in my lifetime and i am 16 but it clears up most of the time because i exercise and eat healthy you want to give your body the best what life has to offer. you could clear out acne too just by drinking water cause the water flushes out your system and exercise is good sweating cleans out all the dirt from your pores and pushes out all the bad bacteria and cleanses your body. The reason Asians have such good skin is cause most of the Asian community is respectful so they would listen to there parent's teachings and live healthy there school always provides exercise as well for a healthy lifestyle i am not saying all Asians have flawless skin it's the ones who take care of there body so eat healthy and exercise drink lots of water and consume protein to get rid of that acne.

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Q: Why do Asians have good skin?
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Why do Asians have yellow skin?

Some Asians have yellow skin. Other Asians have brown skin. It depends on what part of Asia they are from. For example, if you are Korean you probably have yellow skin but if you are Indian you probably have brown skin.

Why are Asians yellow?

Most Asians have gold undertones. Asians have more keratin in their skin, therefore making their skin appear more yellow.

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Why are Asians called yellow people?

Well, most oriental Asians are called yellow because they have a white-yellowish skin tone and it is slightly different from Europeans. Also, Asians are not called yellow people because of the rest of the people in Asia that are not yellow. For example, Indians or people from Portugal have brown skin.

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In reality, Asians do not have a yellow tone to their skin. Their skin is brown just like all human beings. Different ethnic groups simply have a different tint or coloration of skin.

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We're not good at everything...strict parents and school??

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Maple syrup is good for the skin depending on the type of skin u have. it is good for rough skin but make cause skin pops on soft skin!!

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The look of slanted eyes of Japanese people is caused by the epicanthic fold. An epicanthic fold is a skin fold of the upper eyelid, covering the inner corner of the eye. Epicanthic folds occur most often in East Asians, Southeast Asians, Central Asians, and Indigenous Americans.

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