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One reason is because comets are thought to be made of the very materials from which the other objects in the solar system formed.

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Why are comets interesting to astronomers?

by its light

What are 3reasons comets are interesting to astronomers?

One reason is because comets are thought to be made of the very materials from which the other objects in the solar system formed.

What astronomers hope to learn from studying comets?

Many astronomers think comets date from the founding of the Solar System. They contain the same elements in the same percentages as the early earth.

What astronomer discovered eight comets?

Many astronomers have discovered that many comets. For example, David Levy is the discoverer or co-discoverer of 22 comets.

Why do astronomers believe they can learn about the early Earth by studying comets?

Because comets were created about the same time as the Earth.

How did Comet west change the way astronomers think about comets or the solar system?

comets could be very bright

How do you know what comets are made of?

Astronomers analyze the light reflected from comets with a machine, and can easily tell what major elements it is composed of.

How did comet Halley change the way astronomers think about comets or the solar system?

because it gave them more information about astronomy and comets.They learned more things about comets

How do comets get their names?

Comets are named for their discoverers. Astronomers who are comet-watchers (a large percentage of comets are discovered by amateur astronomers) live and work in the hopes of finding a comet and writing their names in the heavens. For example, the comet that struck the planet Jupiter was named for the two discoverers, Shoemaker and Levy.

Why do the astronomers study comets?

Because comets are bright, beautiful and fun to watch. Oh, and also because studying comets can tell us a lot about how the solar system developed, and how the universe began.

Why are comets interesting to people?

Because people think that comets are cool and they have bright lights and fire and you can make a wish too also because they are interesting to watch maybe some people are scared but they are still interesting!

What subjects could be find on the site Astronomy for kids?

You can learn all about telescopes, stargazing, comets, constellations, galaxies and black holes. Find out who invented the telescope, famous astronomers and space exploration.

How do astronomers study comets?

They study comets by looking at them threw telescopes every hour and measuring the distance they have traveled. With the distance traveled they can tell the size and speed that the comet is.

Where can you find good info on comets?

you can find good info about comets on GOOGLE.

How are radio telescopes used by astronomers?

Astronomers find solar systems in the process of formation by looking for radiation emitted by disks of dust and gas around stars. The hot gas and dust emit radio waves of specific wavelengths, and astronomers can locate and map the disks with radio telescopes. Watching the disks over a period of weeks or months, astronomers see large clouds of gas evaporate. Many astronomers believe that these features are comets releasing their frozen gases as they near the star.

Where do you find comets?

In space.

Find out the folk beliefs or legends and scientific explanation ofphenomena of comets?


What are spheres covered with ice and dust in the solar system?

Some of the trans-Neptunian objects would fit that description, perhaps Pluto, or it's moon Charon. One's first inclination is to say "comets", but astronomers have come to find that comets are rarely "spheres", they tend to be potato, bean or "peanut" shaped.

Where do you find comets in the solar system?

comets can be found in the oort cloud to the south of Pluto

When can you find the milky way?

You can find Planets, Billions of Stars, and Comets, meteoroids, comets, black holes and alot of other stuff.

Why astronomers do what they do?

astronomers do what they do because they want to find bigger and better things that have yet to be discovered.

Where do astronomers think that comets orignate?

Comets are classified by the size of their orbits. As soon as a comet is discovered, astronomers make measurements of its position to try to settle what orbit the comet is in. Many comets with an orbital period up to 100 years are in elongated elliptical orbits that extend out to Neptune's orbit and beyond. The faster comets with longer period might come from the Oort cloud at distances up to 1 light year or even further. A small class of comets come from outside the solar system and these are noted by their high speed and hyperbolic orbits which show they will make one visit and disappear off again.

What are some interesting facts about Comets?

They are chunks of dirty ice left over from the formation of the solar system.

Why are astronomers so interested in studying the physical and chemical structure of a comet?

Comets are like timecapsules from the earliest stages of our Solar System. By studying comets, they are studying the early solar system to prove or disprove current early-earth hypotheses.

Astronomers think that most comets come from?

They are from extreme outer parts of the solar system (known as "Kuiper belt") and from a huge cloud of comets lying far beyond the orbit of Pluto, completely surrounding the Sun (known as "Oort cloud").