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The VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number) tells the company exactly which options your car has, like engine size, transmission type, trim package, heavy duty cooling or not etc.

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Q: Why do auto repair companies ask for the VIN number?
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How do you tell what engine you have in your 99 Mercury Sable?

The VIN number should have an indicator. VIN number references can be found online or in the repair manual for your car.

What is the vin code for an automatic transmission on a 1999 Chevy k2500?

at an auto parts store, when they ask for the vin code its the eigth letter in the vin number.

Your friend wrote a check to a repair shop can the repair shop report the car stolen with the VIN number?

The answer is both, yes and no. Periodically, the auto manufacturers send the list of VIN [vehicle identification number] to the authourised repair shops to assist in the recovery of the stolen vehicles. The VIN is unique to each vehicle and thus has complete information of the vehicle. In an event of a theft, the VIN is flashed across the network for recovery. However, this exercise is limited only to the dealer-workshop network and if the vehicle does not report within this network, it cannot be traced. Ofcourse the local Police can definitely assist in its recovery through their efforts. Bhupinder

Need to find out if a car has auto insurance using their VIN number?

That information is not publicly released.

Where is VIN location 1941 Chevrolet?

Unfortunately, a 1941 Chevrolet may not have a VIN number! American auto manufacturers didn't start really using a VIN number until the early 60s, and earlier cars were simply marked with a production serial number, if at all.

What VIN is engine?

If you are looking for the engine code in the VIN number, it is usually the 5th or the 8th number. Go to your local auto parts store and have them look up your engine, tell them you need to know your VIN code. They will be able to give you options like "It's either A, C, or L" and then look at the VIN number of your car, find the VIN code, and that is what it will always be.

Is a 2001 dodge grand carvan clock spring covered under the recall for repair?

Call a Dealer with your VIN number and they can tell you if you have any open recalls.Call a Dealer with your VIN number and they can tell you if you have any open recalls.

What does your 1996 honda accord vin mean?

A VIN is another name for Vehicle Identification Number. It tells the dealer, repair shop or police all the information about that particular vehicle.

history on this vin. number?

history report on this vin. number

Can you buy a wrong alternator for the year of your Volvo?

You certainly can. It is advisable to supply the VIN number of the vehicle when buying auto parts

Can you find the VIN number on a Mazda engine or is the engine number related to the VIN in any way?

The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, only identifies the body and frame of the vehicle. There is no VIN number on the engine and the engine number is not related to the VIN.

decode vin number?

can you decode vin number?

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