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While birds are growing inside the egg - any bird, including penguins - their bodies are forming. The egg is what provides them with protection from the outside world. The parent bird sits on the egg to keep it at a temperature that is just right for the growing baby. If the egg gets too cold, the baby bird dies because its feathers and its body aren't completely formed to protect it from the cold outside.

Penguins, besides their feathers, need a thick layer of fat covering them to keep them from freezing. Baby penguins form that fat in the egg. If the egg gets too cold before they are ready to come out into the world, they freeze to death. Not all penguins live in cold places you know.. Some penguins live near the sea in Africa - need the equator where it gets very, very hot!

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Q: Why do baby penguins die when cold air gets to the egg?
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