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they squeal when they're happy🐖its soooooo cute!!!

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They squeal when they are happy

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Do pigs squeek?

Large pigs do not squeak, they squeal, Guinea Pigs will squeak.

Do pigs speak English?

No. Pigs only squeal and grunt.

What animals squeal?

Most animals that squeal usually squeal when the are attacked. These animals are pigs, tapirs, and lots of others.

How do pigs help hums?

Pigs do not hum, they snort, grunt or squeal.

What do Guinea Pigs mean when they squeal?

when guinea pigs squeal it mean they are either scared of you, or you have accidentally hurt them in some way or they want you to feed them, Communication.

What sound pigs and piglets make?

Pigs snort, and piglets usually squeal.

Why do pigs grunt?

Pigs grunt because it is how they communicate with other pigs. Pigs sometimes squeal when they become agitated by something.

Why do guinea pigs squeal?

Guinea pigs squeal for many reasons, they squeal because they are happy and saying welcome or hi or trying other things to comunicate,but sometimes they squeal because they need attention from there owners,try to figure out what he wants or saying and you will get along better, simple.

How were guinea pigs made?

In England they were sold for a guinea and they can sometimes squeal like pigs

What sounds do pigs make?

They Oink ,Grunt,and Squeal

Can you handle baby guinea pigs while they are nursing?

It will scare them but you can hold them. Also if away from the mom they will squeal loudly and they can be with the male and if you can hold a baby and the dad guinea pig together they will get along.

Why do ginea pigs squeal?

they squeal because they are eathier hungry and need more food or they are thirsty and need more water.

How does a pig cry?

Pigs don't cry like we do, they squeal SO LOUD!

What are the moods of guinea pigs?

hahahaha guinea pigs have funny personalities. when they are happy they'll gett all jumpy cuz they dont know how to control themselfs when they are upset, they'll squeal, not wheek squeal LOUD hope this helped

What part of the pig can't you eat?

its pooAnswerYou can't eat a pigs oink or squeal.

How do you spell squeel?

The likely word is squeal (sound made by pigs, or by car tires).

Baby guinea pigs?

what about baby guinea pigs? lol

How do pigs respond to stimuli?

Pigs respond to stimuli in different ways. They may oink or squeal depending on how they are stimulated. They may also run.

Is it true that guinea pigs got their pig name from the squeal?

no, it is not true. they got their name because guinea pigs are originally from Guinea which is in Europe somewhere.

Are guinea pigs noisy?

Guinea pigs make various sounds depending on the situation. They purr when they are happy and content. They squeal softly when they want attention or a treat. They squeal loudly when frightened. They click their teeth when they are angry. guinea pigs do make alot of nosies and they are so cute when they make noises but they do get annoying but DON'T HURT THEM

How do you beat mega squeal on ClickPlay?

you click the pigs, last to first, very quickly. hope this helped!

Where do baby guinea pigs live?

Baby Guinea Pigs live independent with their mother.Guinea Pigs don't make nests.

What are baby pigs called?

Baby pigs are called Piglets or Piglet for singular.a baby pig is called a piglet

How do baby guinea pigs drink?

baby guinea pigs will suckle mothers milk

One of my two guinea pigs make a high pitched squeal that isn't a normal scared or angry squeal. I have never heard this squeal before she only just started to make it. What could it be?

These creatures are very vocal. They will squeal at all kinds of things. It will not be a bad thing if it squeals like this if you know there is nothing wrong with it.

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