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Why do batters in MLB only use wooden bats?

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2011-09-13 23:36:04
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Wooden bats are a tradition in MLB and if players used aluminum bats today I'm 99% sure that every player would hit a home run each at bat. It would be too easy for them.

Plus if the league changed to metal bats- none of the players could be compared (batting averages) with some of the all-time great people of baseball. For example: Barry Bonds vs. Babe Ruth.


Saftey of the pitcher. Aluminum bats have too fast an exit speed. The pitcher could not defend himself in the event of a line drive back up the middle.

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MLB players only use wooden bats. College level players use metal.

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one reason is that it makes it harder to hit the ball far

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Yes. Aluminum and other synthetic bats are not allowed in Major League Baseball.

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A ball will come off of an aluminum bat at a higher speed than a wooden bat. MLB players are considered to be the "elite" in baseball and do not need the added advantage.

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