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Why do batters in MLB only use wooden bats?

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Wooden bats are a tradition in MLB and if players used aluminum bats today I'm 99% sure that every player would hit a home run each at bat. It would be too easy for them.

Plus if the league changed to metal bats- none of the players could be compared (batting averages) with some of the all-time great people of Baseball. For example: Barry Bonds vs. Babe Ruth.


Saftey of the pitcher. Aluminum bats have too fast an exit speed. The pitcher could not defend himself in the event of a line drive back up the middle.

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Why don't baseball players use wooden bats?

MLB players only use wooden bats. College level players use metal.

Why Are wooden bats the only bats allowed in MLB?

one reason is that it makes it harder to hit the ball far

Are wooden bats the only bats allowed in MLB?

Yes. Aluminum and other synthetic bats are not allowed in Major League Baseball.

Why does the MLB use wooden bats instead of aluminum bats?

because people would die

Why do MLB players use wooden bats instead of metal bats?

A ball will come off of an aluminum bat at a higher speed than a wooden bat. MLB players are considered to be the "elite" in baseball and do not need the added advantage.

Which bat is better wood or alumanumm?

Aluminum hit balls harder and faster, and do not crack or split. MLB has always used wooden bats, but due to concerns about advantages and saftey, wooden bats can only be used now in high school games.

Do pro baseball players only use wooden bats?

Most professional baseball players use wood bats because metal bats are very easy to hit a home run with and most pros love the challenge behind wood bats. MLB rules dictate that players use wooden bats.

How many players of the MLB use wooden bats?

everyone of them do. metal bats are illegal in professional baseball. But you use them in college, high school and below.

Which bat hits the ball farther a wooden or metal?

Metal most definitely, hence why Metal bats are not used beyond the college level. MLB studs are far too powerful to use anything but Wooden bats.

Why does the mlb use wooden bats?

Players in Major League Baseball use wooden bats so the ball doesn't go as far when they hit it. If they used an aluminum bat, players could easily hit a home run.

How many times is a batter hit by a pitcher out of 100 times at bat?

In the 2008-2010 MLB seasons, there were 497916 total at bats and 4811 batters hit by the pitch for an average of 0.966 batters hit per 100 at bats.

Are mlb players allowed to use metal bats?

No ,only wood bats are allowed in Major League Baseball.

What is the lenghth basseball bat?

The length depends on the person. In MLB (major league baseball) players choose their bat size and weight, this can be anywhere between 30 and 36 inches. (all bats in MLB must be wooden)

What percent batters in mlb bat right?


What material of baseball bats are used in the Major League Baseball?

The bats that are used in MLB are made from high quality wood material. This has been this way from the inception of baseball. Players other than in the Major Leagues use both wooden and metal bats.

Does a wooden bat hit the ball further than a aluminum bat?

No. An aluminum bat hits the ball much farther than wood. The main reason why MLB players use wood is for the protection of the infielders ie. the infielders will have more reaction time with batters using wood bats do to the lower velocity.Hope I helped.

What does LOB stand for?

In MLB, the abbreviation of "LOB" means "Left on Base." This is only for batters to determine how many baserunners they have left on base after their at-bat.

Are bamboo bats allowed in MLB?


Does a baseball go farther with a wooden bat then an aluminum bat?

metal is actually harder and that is the reason the MLB does not use metal bats because they propel the ball at a significantly faster speed. - Clay

When did corked baseball bats become illegal in the MLB?

In baseball, corked bats are bats with something like cork on the inside. They have been illegal in the MLB since 1970.

Can MLB players use corked bats?

No. Corked bats are illegal.

Has any team in MLB had someone with 13000 at bats?

Pete Rose is the only player wioth more than 13,000 at bats, but he only collected around 12,300 with the Reds - the rest with the Phillies and Expos.

What type of bat will a baseball come off of better plastic aluminum or wooden bats?

baseballs come off an aluminum bat faster and harder, than they do on a wooden bat. that is why in the MLB they make the players use wooden bats, to prevent serious injury. i myself perfer to use and practice with a wooden bat in the off season, because it teaches you to use the right mechanics to hit the ball harder and farther. but during games i use an aluminum ball bat, and during practice i use a wooden bat. i would restrain from using a carbon-fiber bat because they have a tendency to crack and break. but that is just my opinion on carbon fiber bats.

What MLB pitcher has retired the most consecutive batters?

Mark buerle 45

What is the difference between bats used in the major leagues and bats used in college baseball?

In the MLB, they use wooden bats and are able to break easier. In college, they use drop 3 bb core's and they're also metal, it's also harder to break. If you want to look at the bats, go to and search bb core.