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Because the flora involved in the food procesing, release gas as a product of the chemical reactions used in the degradation of food.

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Other than beans what foods cause gas?

Vegitables (such as Broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) can cause very bad gas.

What do East Timorese people eat?

The main thing that the East Timorese people eat is rice. Other foods that they eat are cabbage, beans, goats, pigs, and spinach.

What causes an exceedingly noisy stomach over an extended period of time other than hunger?

Gassey foods (beans, potatoes, cabbage) or even milk if you're lactose intolerant,

What types of foods cause reflux in your diet?

Yes there are plenty. Beans for one are especially bad because they cause gas. Any foods that are very acidic in nature such as tomatoes, lemons, limes, and other foods of this nature are also bad for you.

What is the primary diet of lesotho?

Rice, corn, cabbage, pumpkins, sorghum, beans, and other vegetables and grains.

What forms gas in your stomach?

Certain types of foods cause gas; broccoli, beans , burgers and fizzy drinks but they come up the other way.

What foods make the body more sensitive to leptin?

Fish, primarily, then pulses (kidney beans, pinto beans, navy beans, lima beans, lentils), then other vegetables.

What is the best breastfeeding diet to follow?

The best breastfeeding diet to follow is one that does not include spicy foods and other products that would produce gas in the mother. A good rule of thumb is to avoid cabbage, carbonated drinks, and beans!

Are baked beans a pulse?

Baked beans are classified as a pulse. Other types of pulse foods include edible beans, dried peas, lentils, and chickpeas.

What foods trigger acid reflux?

Well beans obviously because of the gas that they cause. Acidic foods such as tomatoes, lemons, and limes and other foods acidic in nature are bad for acid reflux sufferers too.

Do the Mayan farm?

yes they farmed for maize, beans, squash, and other mexican foods

Can anemia cause cancer?

== == No, anemia is just the term for low iron in your blood. While it's not a healthy condition, it doesn't cause cancer. Diet can help anemia, eating foods high in iron like meat, or if your vegetarian, certain beans and other non-meat foods.

What produce does the state of California trade to other countries or other states?

grapes broccoli spinach cauliflower onions carrots apricots beans cabbage canteloup

Can peanut butter increase breast size?

yes it can so can other natural foods like fruit and cabbage

What foods can make you fart other than beans?

cauliflower,broccoli,milk,raisins,and popcorn.

What were New York colonies products?

They had Squash, pumpkin, beans, corn and other farm foods

Which part of cabbage do you eat?

We eat cabbage leaves. When you buy a cabbage at a grocery store, practically the whole thing is edible. You can boil it, and serve it with butter or margarine, you can chop it up and make cole slaw, or use it in a salad. Some recipes involve wrapping other foods with cabbage leaves.

Foods which contain B1-thaimine?

One of the foods that contain B1-thaimine is brewer's yeast. Other foods that contain this are wheat, beans, sunflower seeds, and oatmeal.

What are you not supposed to do on St. Patrick's Day?

yu are not supposed to eat other foods only cabbage corn and meat

What foods you have now were not available in the middle ages?

Processed and frozen foods. ----- Medieval people did not have potatoes, tomatoes, chili peppers, maize, or New World beans (just about any bean other than fava beans).

Are edamame beans high in purines?

The foods that are highest in purines are meats like sweetbreads, brains, and anchovies. Edamame and other beans have a moderate level of purines.

Do pure green beans work to lose weight?

Green beans are good to eat when on a diet, along with other healthy, nutritious foods. They are low in calories.

Favorite foods the Irish love?

The Irish have subsisted on potatoes for years. However, many other sorts of foods are eaten by the Irish, including cabbage, beef, lamb, and fish.

What are some of Cuba's traditional foods?

Rice and beans are some of the traditional foods eaten in Cuba. Other traditional foods include fried plantains, yucca, tuna in sauce, and flan.

What does chicken contain?

Protein and which is a food group that is like meat fish beans chicken and other foods.

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