Why do bicycles shave their legs?

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2009-02-08 13:32:02

There are plenty of theories about this: 1)If a bicyclist falls

of and scratches or cuts his legs hairs that get into the cut can

cause painful and itchy infections, so to avoid this they shave

their legs. 2)Shaved legs are more aerodynamic than hairy legs, so

shaving gives a competitive edge. 3)In early/late season rubs and

ointments are sometimes used to help keep the legs warm, and hairy

legs makes applying/removing the ointments harder. For MTBers

shaved legs will make it easier to clean the mud off. 4)If you're a

team rider you might very well have access to a team masseur, and

receiving a massage on a hairy part of your body can hurt if your

skin isn't lubed properly. Then, anything that the big pros do will

get picked up pretty darn fast by the week end racers whether it'll

be relevant for them or not. Personally I've had a number of cuts

and scrapes on hairy skin, and I don't think that the hairs do

anything to worsen healing and/or itching. OTOH removing self

adhesive bandages from hairy parts of the body can be decidedly

uncomfortable, which would make for a reasonable cause th shave all

by itself.

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