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I can say honestly, that guys are total jackasses.... for the most part... i know..i am he might be tryin' to play "hard to get"... like wants you to be all over him, so he moves away? i know it don't make sense... but give it time..:)

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โˆ™ 2005-10-19 01:39:48
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Q: Why do boys act like they want their girlfriends one day but then act like they want nothing to do with them the next day?
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Why do boys act like they're all into you one minute and then like the want nothing to do with you the next?

This is typically the result of a sudden personal decision to participate in homosexual activity.

Why do boys like you one day and not like you the next day?

Some boys are not really mature yet. They could like some one else in the next day. Truly, that bugs me too.

Why do boys put their hoods next to their mouth?

becouse thay like you

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Nothing , act normal .

Why do boys talk to you then not the next and then talk then not the next and is it true if a boy likes you he cannot look into your eyes wen talking to you?

That is the general rule, hun. Boys are just weird like that. They will act all fickle to test you. Boys can't look in your eyes, until he knows that you like him too.

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What do you do if your girlfriends parents decide they dont like anymore for reasons unknown to you. one weekend they like you the next they want you to break up but your both still in love?

First it depends on why they no longer like you??

Do boys penis stick out when they are next to a girl they like?

They may not like that particular girl. During puberty, it take very little stimulation for a guy to get an erection. More often that you want and for the most part, there is nothing they can do to stop it. Just part of growing up.

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Why are boys nice to you one minute and then next they're mean?

Because they are having mood swings and thay don't know if like like you yet.

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Because boys are boys and they find other women in the world.I know how u feel but if that boy wants another girl than he just dose........!

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