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Why do boys not wear tights whenever they want to?

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Boys dont wear tights, even if they want to, because they thing it takes away from their manlyness! :p

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Why did boys wear tights?

Boy's Wear Tights cause they just want to wear some long and tight.

Why boys can't wear tights?

Guys should be able to wear what ever they want. The public these days critisize people for wearing tights. I love wearing tights and if i could i would wear them out in public.

Can boys wear tights?

of course they can

Can boy wear tights?

Although boys don't typically wear tights, some boys may have to wear them for medical reasons. Medical tights are called compression stockings and help blood to flow normally and keep legs from swelling.

Is it wrong for boys to wear tights?

no because its your choice if you want to wear tights not your friends family or anyone and who knows maybe therell be other people who share the same interest and if your friends make fun of you their not your friends.

Do girls like boys who wear tights?

no not really not at all

Do boys like io wear girls ballerina close?

Yes some do, I wear diapers and like to wear ballet tights and slippers :) I want a ballet coustume :(

Ballet boys tights?

exactly I'm sorry, what exactly was the question? Yes, the boys do wear tights and in my experience, quite often. Though in class, they sometimes wear shorts, bike pants and whathave you. You get the general idea.

What clothes do boys wear for ballet?

Boys will wear black tights and a white T-shirt, tank top, etc. It usually depends on the studio they will study at.

Should you go to bed in tights?

No. If you are cold and prefer tights instead of pyjamapants of course you can. You can wear w/e you want.

Why do hasidim wear white tights?

Hasidim do not wear white tights.

What is a job where men wear tights?

While Ballet dancing men wear tights.

How do you dress for ice skating?

If you are just skating at a rink, than you can pretty much wear whatever you want. If you are in a competition, girls wear a skating dress with skating tights and their hair done. Boys usually wear a fancy shirt with a tie and fancy pants.

How do you say tights the tights that you wear in French?

"les collants"

Should guys be able to wear tights- you love the felling of tights but you are NOT gay - would you tell your parents but they will think you are creepy?

Guys can wear anything they want and not be gay. No one should ever be afraid to be who they are or wear what they want. You can tell your parents if you want, but you might be more comfortable with telling them when you are an adult.

What is tights punishment?

tights punishment is when you are forced to wear tights as a humililating ordeal done to boys or men and subjected to public humiliation quite often in front of those you have headmistress at school was against the cane etc and would punish boys by forcing them to attend the schools ballet class for a day or week wearing a leotard and pink ballet tights and even a tutu.

Do women wear underwear under tights?

Some women wear underwear under tights and some do not. Tights are made to be worn without underwear, but many people do still wear them.

Should I Wear tights or bare legs with dress for a funeral?

you should wear tights because you dont want a man to say''hey want a man'' its crazy you know what stik with the tights. =]AnswerWell it depends on what length dress you are wearing if your wearing a short dress then yes if your wearing a mid calf length dress then no.

Is it cool to wear tights under skirts?

Yes you can wear tights with Skirts - Im male and wearing tights and mini skirt that very cool as still as unisex clothes... no law agaisnt men wear skirt or dress or tights as it still allow to wear - feel free to wear what you like

Can men wear skirts and tights?

They can wear tights but not skirts.they wear tights when it is cold at winter. Yes men can wear tights and skirts -- good one is cord skirt that quite warm with nice soft warm tights - I already and didnt feel cold, I wear 100 deiner luxury tights and cord mini skirt and went for walk in winter that didnt make me cold as I felt very warm enough.

Why do boys wear?

Anything they want!!

What do you have to wear to Ballet?

I do ballet, so you have to wear tights, a leotard and a skirt, plus ballet slippers.... it may be different though in other ballet schoolsThe usual boilerplate wardrobe is:For girls--A uni-tard, tights and slippers (or perhaps Pointe shoes).For boys: A T-shirt, dance belt, tights and soft slippers.

When should Muslim women wear scarfs?

They cannot show their hair to boys so whenever their in the presense of boys... x

Did the egyptians wear tights?


What do wrestlers where under their long tights?

(High School Type Wrestling) Boys wear whitey tighties + chicks wear their knickers and a sports bra or body armor.

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