Why do camels live in the desert?


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Camels are used as draft and saddle animals in desert regions of Africa, Arabia, and Asia. Adaptations to windblown deserts include double rows of Eyelashes, the ability to close the nostrils, and wide-spreading soft feet. They also can tolerate dehydration and high body temperatures. They are thus able to go several days without drinking water.For all these reasons camels live in the desert.

They were actually brought overseas because there were getting too many of them in Another Country. (I forget which one. (Blush)
because they like it

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No, camels do not only live in the desert. There are grassland camels that are accustomed to living on grassland.

no camels live in the desert or a zoo

they live in the desert.

camles can live in Egypt and/or in the Sahara desert

I don't think the Kalahari desert has any camels in it. But the Sahara does.

No. Camels are indigenous to desert climates.

Yes,lions do live where camels live.Well lions live in the jungle and where desert.

They are just adapted to live in the desert.

no camels perfere the desert more than the tropics

The only camels that live in Europe are in a zoo. Camels are native to a dry desert area. Camels can be found in the Middle East countries.

No camels live in in the Painted Desert today. However, a now-extinct genus of camels once roamed across the Western U.S, including the Painted Desert.

Yes, camels do live in the desert. They are well suited to the harsh environment.

THE ANIMALS LIKE camels and lizards live in sahara desert.

Camels generally live in dry desert areas.

Dromedary camels live in North Western India and the lowlands of Afghanistan. Some dromedary camels live in the outside parts of the Arabian peninsula and Sonila to the south and westwood across African deserts. A large amount of Dromedary camels also live in an African desert called the Sahara desert, which is the largest desert in the world.

As camels live in the desert, they need a lot of water to survive. Camels have insulated bodies so as to store water and survive the hot weather in the desert

its a desert. Camels are native to Africa...i belive. But they do really well in the desert, that would be why Egyptions used then to travel.. :):):):)

camels , snakes , desert toads , cactus ,horses, cows, people.

Camels drink lots of water and then can go without days with it. They feed on the desert grasses and cacti that live in the desert. The cacti and grass can survive, because of a waxy mixture on them, and when it does rain, they savour the water like camels. They are also the type of plant that is adjusted to live in the desert.

the camels can stay without water for days or months and the camels have double lashes to protect its self from the dust

camels drink water they are adapted to live in the desert becasue camels always store energy

camels and kinds of animals

Camels normally live in the desert.

giraffes, elephants and cheetahs live in the african savannah. camels live in the sibeirian desert. foxes live in various forests around the world.

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