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cars cause pollution because of the carbon monoxide coming out of the muffler.

it is very bad for the environment

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Do solar powered cars cause pollution?

NO solar cars do not cause pollution

What causes more pollution cars or meat?

i don't know but i think cars cause more pollution

Are cars that run on hydrogen cause air pollution?

no it does not

What are the causes of pollution?

Well there are many causes of pollution but I will just name a few. First of all, cars and factories cause pollution. Also, littering can cause pollution.

Can olive oil cause less pollution than fossil fuel?

yes i does cause less pollution but it can't run cars

How fossil fuels can cause pollution?

It can cause pollutions when burned or when it comes out from cars ect.

How do people cause air pollution?

driving cars is the main i guess

What two kinds of pollution can cars cause?

Air light and noise

What percentage of air pollution do cars cause in the us?

96% of the world.

What is the larges source of emissions that cause air pollution today?


Cause of the water pollution?

We dump oil, garbage, paint, toxic chemicals, gasoline and soap from washing cars in the water. This is the cause of water pollution.

What cause air pollution other than smoke chimneys?

There are many causes of air pollution other than chimney smoke. Cars for example are a leading cause of air pollution.

How could electric cars cause pollution in some areas?

Electric cars must be manufactured, and that process causes pollution. Electric cars also require energy that must come from somewhere, and even solar cells must be manufactured, and therefore cause pollution in the manufacturing process. Humanity must learn to manufacture without causing pollution, or learn how ro deal with pollution.

Is using hydrogen as a fuel in cars?

Hydrogen can be used as fuel in carsbecause it don't cause any pollution

What is causing air pollution?

There are a great number of things that could cause air pollution. These things include but are not limited to cars.

How do factories or cars cause air pollution?

Yes. Exaust from the cars and smoke from the factories get into the air and cause global warming, the ozone hole, and air polloution.

How can you cause less air pollution?

By not driving cars, that is a big one. Cars pollute the air very much with their gas.

What is a causes of air pollution?

One well known cause of air pollution is exhaust from cars, trucks, airplanes, and other vehicles.

Are elertic powered cars better than Gas powered cars?

yes because electric cars cause lesss pollution and they have silent engines

What cause noise pollution?

Loud noises like cars and stereos that are really disruptive.unpleasent noises like harsh music and sounds of aeroplanes can also cause noise pollution.

What are the cause of air pollution how can these be prevented?

it can cause bad effects on our lungs,these pollution can avoid by 1.avoid smoking 2.avoid using smoke in the trucks,cars,etc.

How much pollution is produced by cars?

ALOT! So STOP DRIVING MUCH! Not that you can't, but that is the only to reduce air pollution. Take a bus, or ride your bike instead. Cars and trucks stilled cause about half the air pollution in the cities.

Do cars effect the environment?

Yes. Cars let out exhaust, which are gases from the car, that pollute the air! Some cars are electric or hybrid and cause little to no pollution.

What are some things that humans can do to cause air pollution?

Smoking can pollute, Cars(gas), Chemical uses , Factories with steam stuff We do a lot of things that cause air pollution!! :( we can decrease our uses of these if we want to decrease air pollution :)

Why would a ban on all pollution cause deaths just as surely as unrestricted pollution cause deaths?

There are a number of reasons why banning pollution is just as bad as not banning it. Pollution is caused by creating and using items people use to survive like cars for example.