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When a cat rubs against something, it is marking it as theirs. This is similar to a dog peeing on or guarding something it owns.

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Why does a cat rub angenst the wall?

Cats rub against things because they are spreading their scent to mark their territory. They also rub against you to mark you as "their" human!

What are the symptoms of cats in heat?

1.she tries to get outside alot 2.she will rub her butt against things

Why do cats rub up against stuff?

They are marking their territory with their scent on their whiskers They also seem to like to rub on things for physical sensation as well.

Why do cats rub on people so much?

Cats rub against objects to leave their scent on them and thus claim their territory. When they rub against a person they are in a way claiming ownership. In this case it is a sign of affection.

Why do cats rub against people?

When cats their heads against anything, it's a statement of possession. It means, "You belong to me."

Why do cats rub against your leg?

they want u to comfort them

Why do cats rub against a persons legs?

To pet themselves

Why do cats put their head on your face and rub?

I heard that cats rub their heads against you to get their scent all over you. It's a sign of ownership; they are saying, "This is my human."

Why do cats rub your legs?

When cats rub against someone leg they are marking their teritory; so when other cats come along they know that you belong to another cat and then they will rub against you to mark their teritory and so it goes on.Cats also rub your legs to show affection or because they are hungry. My female boss cat only does this when I am standing close to her food bowl or I have lunch meat in hand.

Why does a cat rub up against my legs and purr?

Cats rub up against humans to get their scent on them. That way the human seems more familiar to them.

Why do cats rub up against your legs?

Cats rub up against you leg to make you smell like a cat. The more you smell like them the more they like being around you. Also, she is letting other cats know that you are her own special friend.

How cats appoligize?

They lick your hand and rub their head up against your hands

Why do cats open their mouth's when they rub against you?

It's their way of showing affection.

How do you put affection into a sentence?

My cats show their affection when they rub up against my leg

Why do cats rub there face's against your face?

There are two schools of thought for this. Firstly, cats will rub themselves as a sign of affection, especially rubbing faces or noses. Cats do this to rub their scent on you, and yours scent on them. Cats have many scent glands on their face, and "sharing" scents is just a way of saying "we have a close bond".

What does it mean when cats rub their faces against yours?

it's disposing its scent, it's a natural behavior for cats to do that wherever they live.

Why do cats pprrrr?

the purr when they are relaxed and when the rub against ur legs that means they want luvin

Why do cats when different rub up against you?

Because they like human body heat when they are cold

Do cats communicate with each other?

Yes. Mother cats call her kittens by meowing. She purrs for them and licks them. Other cats communicate by growling, especially when eating. Cats rub against you to let you know they like you and want attention. Cats lay down on the ground and roll over wanting a belly rub.

Why does my cat rub herself against me?

Its just in a cats nature, her way of showing her love and loyalty to u :-)

How do cats love?

Cats do indeed love. Perhaps not on the level of humans but they do show affection. Shows of affection are things like purring when you or something else they love is near, attempting to rub against you or your other pets and trying to groom you. - Astraea Ann

What two things can friction do?

rub against each other makes heat

Why do cats have a spot above their eyes that has less hair?

Those are where the cat's scent glands are. When they rub their head on things, they are marking their scent. There are also scent glands at the base of their tail, which they will also rub on things.

Do cats twitch or shake when in heat?

Female cats exhibit odd behavior when they go into heat. They rub against things, twitch their tails and at times tremble. They may also eat more, become restless and emit a high-pitched "cat call."

How do you catch pink eye?

You catch pink eye when you get poop in your eye or when cats rub against your face while sleeping.

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