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Leaving Cookies for Santa

Because they think they'll get more toys that way! It works, too, but don't forget the carrot for Rudolph.

Okay! Its self explanitory!!! A jolly fat man goes all around the world to give gifts..#1 , its only fair he at least gets some cookies and a glass of freakin' milk!! #2 , He'll get hungry! I know i would sure as heck be hungry if i gotta give a bunch a presents to kids all over the world!!!! Think of it that way >:)

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Q: Why do children leave cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve?
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Related questions

Why do children leave out cookies for Santa on Christmas?

they leave out cookies so that they get more presents!

What should children leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?

milk and cookies

What Do hawaiian children leave for Santa?

Hawaiian children are Americans. They leave cookies and milk for Santa, just like other Americans who celebrate Christmas.


Milk and cookies

Why are cookies popular at Christmas?

Some kids leave cookies and milk for Santa Claus.

How gifts do children leave for santa Claus?

Children give Santa milk and cookies.

What do people leave for Santa?

Milk and cookies. When the children wake up in the morning to see the cookies and milk gone, they know Santa has visited. The most common items children leave for Santa are cookies and milk. Some will also leave a carrot or apple as a little treat for Santa's reindeer. The most common items children leave for Santa are cookies and milk. Some will also leave a carrot or apple as a little treat for Santa's reindeer.

What should children leave for santa?

Cookies and milk

What should you leave for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve?

Cookies and milk

What treat do children leave for santa in Austria?

In Austria, children leave mince pies and a glass of Sherry as a treat for Santa. In the US, children leave milk and cookies.

What would you leave santa traditionally for Christmas?

Cookies and carrots for reindeer( well, I leave carrots)

What do children in Italy leave for Santa Claus?

cookies and milk

When did children leave cookies for Santa?

before santa got there

What are you supposed to leave for Santa Claus of Christmas Eve?

cookies Android milk

What is the history of leaving cookies for Santa?

Some children leave cookies beside the Christmas Tree, along with a glass of milk for Santa when he visits them on Christmas Eve. Also, a carrot is left for Santa's reindeer. On Christmas Day morning, there will only be cookie crumbs, an empty glass, and the top of the carrot left, as Santa and his reindeer will have left the presents and eaten the snacks.

What are some Christmas Eve traditions?

A well known tradition in England for Christmas Eve is for children to leave out cookies for Santa Claus and carrots for his reindeer and to go to bed early.

What kind of cookies do you leave out for santa on Christmas Eve?

Santa loves every type of cookie, so leave out whatever you'd like to for him.

What snack is often kept for Santa the night before Christmas?

Many people leave Santa cookies and milk, and leave carrots and water for the reindeer.

Do children in England leave cookies out for Father Christmas?

It's rather rare to leave out cookies. We usually leave him a mince pie and a glass of brandy or wine

Instead of mince pies for Santa what do french children leave out?

They Put cookies out for santa and milk and carrots for the donkey !

How many cookies santa eats Christmas night?

It many did you leave for him?? Because he eats them all.

Where did the history of leaving cookies for Santa Claus orginated?

The history of leaving santa clause cookies is that when he came to house to house he always got hungry so the on morning some one know something was missing so she got every one to leave cookies on Christmas so santa never gets hungry on his trips that is how the cookie thing started. Finally saint ninck died and peole thought children should have a Christmas as good as them so they told their children and every one else to tell and now children believe in santa clause and they have great Christmas's just like realitives

Does kids in Brazil leave cookies for santa?

No they don't children in Brazil know that Santa Claus does not exist

What are the best cookies to leave for Santa?

the best cookies to leave for santa r the ones u like the most bcuz its nice 2 give sum1 sumthing u lyk urself =D the most pop cookies r chocolate chip, sugar, n candy cookies **I believe the best cookies to leave for Santa are Sugar cookies that the children have decorated specially for Santa. He enjoys the fact that they worked so hard on them and are so proud of them!!

Why is Santa's belly big?

I think it's from eating all the cookies the boys and girls leave out for him on Christmas Eve