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Why do chipmunks hibernate?

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Because it gets too cold for them and having small bodies they're a little less cold tolerant. So they store energy by eating a large amount of food. Then they'll sleep through the winter warm in their burrows/tree holes.

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In the winter, chipmunks hibernate in trees of their location.

chipmunks make a burrow through the ground and has all its food in that hole. mostly they hibernate underground:)

Eastern chipmunks do hibernate in winter, although the western chipmunks do not. They sleep in burrows that they make underground.

they have things in there moth that holds there food so that they can hibernate.

do chipmunks like to get into the insulation in your house to nest or hibernate

Most bears hibernate, as do possums, skunks, and chipmunks. Tortoises also hibernate.

I think that skunks do but I'm not sure about cute, little chipmunks.

Chipmunks do hibernate. While chipmunks in general are not true hibernators, they tend to remain in their underground chambers during the winter months. In its northern range the chipmunk goes underground about the end of October but sleeps deeply only during the coldest period. They are so unique In every way

The time has 2 do with what type of squirrel it is... Comment and tell me what type of squirrel :) well chipmunks do not hibernate, they go into torpor, it is sleep that can last for a few days at time

Chipmunks don't actually hibernate. They just store a lot of food in their burrows and sleep for the winter. Every so often, they have to wake up to eat.

In November, chipmunks hibernate and stay under the ground through the winter months.

Chipmunks hibernate as a way of surviving the Winter by using the energy they have stored as fat in their bodies as they 'sleep' .

They hibernate to store food. You dummie

Polar bears,Chipmunks,skunks and hedgehogs. :):)

No. Squirrels and chipmunks do not migrate or immigrate. But they do hibernate in the winter.

Before chipmunks hibernate, they stuff their cheek pouches full of food. Since they do not store fat, then during hibernation they gnaw at the food they have stored in their cheeks for nourishment during the winter.

Snakes believe it or not hibernate in the winter as so do bears, frogs, iguanas , squirrels and chipmunks.

They are mammals, they hibernate, they live in the woods, etc.

They have things in there moth so they can put food in it and hibernate.

chipmunks are brown and have big eyes..... they have a really big bushy tail and they hibernate in the winter... they collect food and save it for the winter.

Here are some animals that hibernate... badgers, bats, squirrels, chipmunks, prairie dogs, groundhogs, raccoons, skunks and bears.

they hibernate to store food!!! duhhhhh you dummie u the dummie

Chipmunks don't bury themselves under ground! They use barrows which is a chamber under ground here is a link about the hibernation of chipmunk: HTTP://

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