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I suppose you mean why are cities usually hotter than surrounding open country areas? This is due to several effects: buildings absorb more heat from the sun, buildings are usually heated inside, dense road traffic produces heat and in narrow streets this can't easily escape. In summer conditions many buildings have air conditioning. this keeps them cool inside but the heat rejected to the outside can only appear in the general atmosphere in the city.

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Why are coastal cities warmer than inland cities?

Because water retains heat of the day for longer periods. The soil cools down very quickly. Hence, coastal cities are warmer than inland cities.

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Why the temperature in cities is higher than that in villages?

1) Heat generation. 2) Heat absorbsion by surfaces (mostly roads & roofs).

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Why rural areas (away from cities) cool off faster than cities?

1) Mass of the buildings. 2) Heat absorption of paved surfaces vs dirt/grass/trees. 3) The heat generated by the vertiginous population.

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