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That's because 1) we need energy, and 2) there are certain problems with conventional energy sources - including scarcity of the resources, and pollution.

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Q: Why do countries give importance for the development of nonconventional energy sources?
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Example of non conventional sources of energy?

Wind energy (windmills), solar energy , solar conductor , geo-thermal energy, and tidal energy are nonconventional sources of energy.

What is the importance of power resources of a country?

Energy sources plays a very important role in the economic development of a country. A country having well developed sources of energy has a better chance of development rather than a country having less energy sources.

What is the importance of preserving energy sources?

importance of preservation of energy sources

What are the pros and cons of nonconventional vs conventional sources of energy?

nonconventional: water, sun, wind They're expensive They can be recycled (not sun) and don't pollute. good long term effects conventional: oil, coal, electricity Global warming good short term effects non-renewable

The importance of conserving energy sources?

There is great importance in conserving energy sources. Conserving these energy sources will cut down on the pollution that contributes to Global Warming.

Discuss the sources and uses for reconstruction of history?

what are the importance of sources of history to the reconstruction of history

What has the author David Hughart written?

David Hughart has written: 'Prospects for traditional and non-conventional energy sources in developing countries' -- subject(s): Energy development, Power resources, Renewable energy sources

How can government encourage the development of new energy sources?

Governments encourage the development of new energy sources by some money and by some other thing.

What is the declining order of importance for the various energy sources?


What the importance of financial sources?

It's for self wants & feed.

What are the countries that use conventional sources?

Please define "conventional sources."

What were the sources of conflict between european countries?

Sources of conflict between European countries include resources, ideology, and space.

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