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Why do cyclones occur in hot places?

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Cyclones need warm sea temperatures (above 26 degrees Celsius) in order to form.

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Where do anti-cyclones occur?

Anti-cyclones can occur anywhere in the world.

Why does lightning occur in hot places?

lightening doesn't just occur in hot places. lightening occurs all over

What year do cyclones hit?

Cyclones occur every year.

What countries do cyclones occur?

Cyclones occur in many different countries. The countries where these occur include Australia, Madagascar, and Australia. Typically cyclones only occur in certain areas of these countries and not over the entire country.

Do cyclones occur in Japan?

Yes, cyclones occur in Japan. A tropical cyclone in the area of Japan is called a typhoon.

Where does a cyclone occur mostly?

Cyclones and hurricane are the same sort of storm but with different names. Cyclones occur mostly in the Pacific.

Why does snowfall occur only in cold places?

Because at hot places, it's call RAIN ! Snow melts at hot places, that's why

Do cyclones occur in Puerto Rico?

They can.

Where cyclones occur in India?

in canada

Does Jamaica have cyclones or hurricanes?

Jamaica is located in the carribeans where most hurricanes/cyclones occur so yes Jamaica has cyclones.

What places do cyclones mostly occur in?

Over warm, tropical waters, including the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Indian Ocean.

Where and when is Forest fire most likely to occur?

MOST likely to occur in very hot places.

Does a hurricane or a cyclone involve us more?

Cyclones occur more. This is because all hurricanes are cyclones, but not all cyclones are hurricanes.

When do tropical cyclones occur?

Cyclones occur in the summer wet season. This means they tend to occur between November and April, with the greatest probability being between December and February.

Where do cylcones happen?

Cyclones occur in the Pacific. Hurricanes occur in the Atlantic

Do tropical cyclones occur in south Africa?


When do tropical cyclones occur in Australia?

Cyclones occur in the summer wet season. This means they tend to occur between November and April, with the greatest probability being between December and February.

Natural fusion can occur in places like the sun because of extremely temperatures that do not occur on Earth?


Do cyclones occur on the moon?

No. The moon has no atmosphere for cyclones or any other kind of weather pattern to form in.

Why do hurricanes only occur in the US?

Hurricane is what they are called if they form in the Atlantic Ocean. They are called typhoons if they form in some areas of the Pacific and cyclones in yet other places. All these storms are the same and the generic name for them is "tropical cyclones."

What weather causes cyclones?

Hot, humid weather at the sea. Cyclones are created when hot air creates vapor and wind carries it to land.

What are the similarities of cyclones and floods?

They both occur on water

Where do cyclones mainly occur in the world?

Cyclones mainly occur in warm waters like: Atlantic ocean and south chnia sea,gulf of Mexico, and Indian sea

When do cyclones occur in Australia?

November to April is the official cyclone season, although November cyclones are rare and there have been cyclones outside of the season, such as in May. The reason cyclones occur at this time is because these are Australia's warmest months, and cyclones need warm sea temperatures of 26.5 degrees Celsius or higher to form. See the link below for the frequency of cyclones for each month below.

What is 3 places that volcanoes can occur?

hot spotsdivergent boundariesconvergentboundaries