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Dogs Barking at Shipping VehiclesIt's the diesel! The design of the UPS truck's diesel engine creates a harmonic hum that is very irritating to dogs. It would be the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard continuously to humans. Fed Ex uses a different design to their vehicles, which avoids this irritating sound.

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  • My dog proudly barks at both UPS and FedEx trucks because he knows I work for the Postal Service!
  • It is something about the brakes or wheels on the UPS trucks. My dog chased every UPS truck and as he started to go deaf the noise drove him crazy. He never caught the truck though.
  • Because they know the devil when they see it.
  • When any kind of car or truck enters a dogs domain it is their natural thing to do is protect their home. By barking or growling. Even some people who are not known to the home may cause the dogs to bark and seeing another dog around their home or a stray cat will cause the dog to bark.
  • Most FedEx and UPS drivers are scared of dogs, because they never know if they are aggressive or not. What they don`t know is that all dogs can sense when a human is scared, happy, excited, or even tired. When they see that the UPS or the FedEx man Is scared that is like a command to them to act aggressive in order to defend their territory from what they see as invaders. FedEx and Ups drivers are usually not known for their love toward animals as a matter of fact every UPS and FedEx man or Woman I have ever seen was mean toward my dog……..Hope this helps
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Q: Why do dogs bark at UPS trucks and not at FedEx trucks?
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