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Why do dogs bark at their owners?


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if they are puppies then they want to play if they are adult age dogs then it is how the trainer raised the dogs.

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Guard dogs are different from attack dogs because guard dogs will bark loudly to alert their owners of an intruder's presence and to scare away the intruder. Attack dogs will also bark loudly to alert their owners, but will go in for the attack.

Not exactly. They bark if the sense something. Or if they are protecting their toys or owners. or they are hungry

Wiener dogs like to bark play sit on their owners lap and lick

Firstly dogs will bark to warn their owners that someone that does not belong at their home is present. Then if their owners know the people quite often they will bark in excitement and to say, hey if my owners know you then you need to know me to (basically to be centre of attention) and all of this is acceptable. It is when they continue to bark after a short period of time then this needs attention and training to say it is not acceptable.

Not all corgis bark a lot. That can be fixed by training. Remember, There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

Their owners might have had their voce box removed.

All dogs bark, although some breeds are more likely to bark than others. Partly this is a training issue - dogs that are not properly socialized will 'sound the alarm' and bark inappropriately. Another component is breed - some dogs were bred to be guard dogs, meaning they would bark and alert owners when the livestock or area they were guarding had unknown individuals in it.

They are trained to behave well, but like any dog they will bark, though not as often. This can be essential at times for warning their owners about things.

I had a lot of dogs, ranging from a very tiny chihuahua to very large dogs, and my experience is: ALL dogs bark when they see something (a kid passing by, a pigeon landing on the roof) in order to warn their owners.

Police Dogs bark because when you start to annoy them then they will bark at you!

Bark control isn't easy, and there are plenty of methods out there for doing it. In most cases, a weak shock collar is the best bark control methods for owners to use on their dogs.

It's a loud noise. Loud noises can always be disturbing.

Yes, dogs do bark. They bark when they see something or when they feel aware of a presence. "Bark Bark" "woof woof" says the dog.

All dogs can bark. What kind of question is that?

They are dogs that have shirt fur and are Chihuahua / Dachshund dogs...... they r short, chubby, and long. Bark Bark Bark Bark

All dogs bark but not alot of dogs. Pugs are not the type that bark alot

Dogs are dependent on their owners, cats are independent and like to do their own thing always. Cats meow, dogs bark. Dogs may or may not have floppy ears. Dogs can be trained to do tricks.

dogs bark when something loud is going on or if they get surprised

No service dogs are trained not to bark.

Not all dogs do bark or howl, they have the ability to bark or howl they dont preform it though

bark at the intruders bark bark bark bark........... woof woof woof

Dogs bark at a variety of animals, often for no apparent reason.

The ISBN of The Dogs Bark - anthology - is 978-0452251618.

They bark at other dogs to communicate with them they are talking to each other

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