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Do dogs bark before earthquakes?

most dogs will act very obnoxious when there is an earthquake or any other type of storm to show that they are trying to worn their owner that there is a storm yes dogs do bark before an earthquake

Do dogs bark before earthquake?

dogs and many other animals have strange behaviors before an earthquake/tsunami because they can sense them. dogs bark, and birds fly away. just because your dog is barking at nothing however, it doesn't mean there's an earthquake.

Do dogs howl before an earthquake?

yes dogs will usually howl before an earthquake because they can sense danger.

Is it true that dogs cannot bark when upside down?

dogs can never bark upside down because they can only bark when they are standing right side up!!!!!

Can you remove a dogs bark?

By having a deep voice right I'm` not that smart right

Why Do Police Dogs Bark At You?

Police Dogs bark because when you start to annoy them then they will bark at you!

Do Greyhound dogs bark?

Yes, all dogs bark.

Do dogs bark?

Yes, dogs do bark. They bark when they see something or when they feel aware of a presence. "Bark Bark" "woof woof" says the dog.

Can some dogs bark?

All dogs can bark. What kind of question is that?

What dogs do not bark and are a small size?

all dogs bark unfortunatley

What are chuweenies?

They are dogs that have shirt fur and are Chihuahua / Dachshund dogs...... they r short, chubby, and long. Bark Bark Bark Bark

Do pugs bark allot?

All dogs bark but not alot of dogs. Pugs are not the type that bark alot

Why do dogs bark loudly?

dogs bark when something loud is going on or if they get surprised

Do Service Dogs bark at people for no reason?

No service dogs are trained not to bark.

Do all dogs howl or bark?

Not all dogs do bark or howl, they have the ability to bark or howl they dont preform it though

How can dogs guard a house?

bark at the intruders bark bark bark bark........... woof woof woof

Why do dogs bark at goats?

Dogs bark at a variety of animals, often for no apparent reason.

What is the ISBN of The Dogs Bark anthology?

The ISBN of The Dogs Bark - anthology - is 978-0452251618.

Why do dogs like some dogs and bark at others?

They bark at other dogs to communicate with them they are talking to each other

Do dogs bark different in China?

no dogs do not bark different in china, dogs have the same bark language but they just have different pitch, which depends on the size of the dog and what type it is.

Can you make me a sentence using hear?

Past tense: I heard dogs bark. Present tense: I hear dogs bark. Future tense: I will hear dogs bark.

How could dogs lose their bark?

dogs lose their bark because they lick their privete parts

Why do dogs bark at rocks?

dogs bark at rocks sometimes because they think or know that something is there.

Do dogs bark when they want attention?

Yes, some dogs bark when they want attention, or when they are anxious.

When was The Dogs Bark - anthology - created?

The Dogs Bark - anthology - was created in 1973.