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Why do dogs bite people?

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Dogs bite people because that person may not be being nice to the dog so the dog will say i dont like you by biting the person.

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Why do dogs cats horses bite people?

why do dogs bite people

Does dogs bite people?

Not all dogs do but certain breads can bite

Does sheep dogs bite people?

No they do not bite people unless they are really angry

Do fleas bite people?

yes, fleas bite people as well as dogs and cats

Do dog fleas bite people?

Yes, fleas bite people and not just dogs.

Do dogs bite people?

Yes, if they threaten people.

Do police dogs bite innocent people?


What kind of people do dogs bite?

Dogs bit many different types of people. They might bite someone who is threatening their owners if they are protective. They might also bite someone new who walked into "their" yard.

Do dogs eat cats?

Dogs do not eat cats. only people eat cats

How do dogs guard people?

they watch them and bite strangers

Do moquitos bite dogs?

No, mosquitos do not bite dogs.

Do wiener dogs bite?

All dogs bite.

Why do dogs have muzzles?

Some dogs have muzzles because they bite people or bark to much

Does a mini schnauzer bite people?

I have one and yes, they can bite. But they're nice dogs, what I mean if that any dog can bite..

When dogs bite people?

Generally when they are scared or feel threatened.

Do sausage dogs bite?

all dogs can bite. it depends on how they are trained.

Why dogs like to bite people ears?

Dogs do not like to bite people ..? Dogs only bite people for there protection , if your dog is biting you try giving him/her some space he is probably trying to tell you to leave him alone. Just give him a bit of time to himself. If not maybe he is diseased or is in come kind of pain. Hope this helps.

Does dogs can kill people?

yes they can. because they can bite your head off.

Why do dogs bite humans?

Dogs bite humans because they smell fear.

Why do dogs bite?

Dogs bite people, other dogs, and inanimate objects as an instinctive response to pain, fear, or anxiety. If you are holding a dog when someone else threatens or strikes him, you may be bitten instead. Dogs also bite if they sense a threat, either territorial or from a direct attack. Dogs will bite other animals to keep them away, or to establish their dominance. Sometimes dogs will bite when they are feeling ill, or stressed, as they have no other way to cope with the stimulus. Also, just as bored dogs may chase their own tails, dogs (especially lone dogs) may sometimes bite just to get attention.

What dogs are mean and bite people?

Chow Chows, Old English Sheepdogs, and Rottweilers are the most aggressive dogs.

Do blue nose dogs bit people?

yes all dog bite

What type of dogs bite?

Well, all dogs bite if threatned or annoyed or if you are training them bad, like hitting them for no apparent reason. Pitbulls or Chow-Chows can attack. Pitbulls are wild dogs that people train them to be bad.

Why do dogs die when they bite a person?

Its Pretty Simple, Dogs Bite Their Feet Because Of Their Allergies.

Does havenese dogs bite?

All dogs bite.. Some more than others of course