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Why do dogs have a tail?


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One reason is to cue others to their "moods". Dogs pay attention to tail placement/movement to determine friendliness/aggressiveness/etc. of pack members. Some domesticated dogs use their tails to aid humans-pointing while hunting for example. And they are just darn CUTE when wagging!!! Im sure someone will come along with a much more scientific reason shortly. :) A dog's tail is an extension of the spine. It helps them to keep balance when they run.


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No, a dogs tail is just a continuation of the spine.

Tailless dogs are those dogs which have a small tail or no tail.

Why is my dogs tail hanging down and he is not wagging it?

321 bones in long tail dogs 319 in short tail dogs

The deformation of one tail bone. This happends often with dogs and cats.

Tail docking of dogs for prophylactic (preventative) or cosmetic reasons is illegal in all Australian states. Tail docking by a vet for therapeutic reasons, such as if the tail is injured, is the only legal form of tail docking for dogs in Australia.

No, are you nuts?! you should never cut a dogs tail off, it is very panefull and all dogs need tails.

She has lost her tail because a bug has chewed part of it off. You see, when dogs get fleas, the fleas work together. they go to the base of the dogs tail. they then begin the hard work. they chew on it. the dogs tail then falls off!

dogs have 1 muscle and it is in its tail !

A dog's tail does have a bone it it. It extends from the spine on down to the tip of the tail.

A hound's tail is called a stern.

No because it does not have a bone in its tail because that is how it is.

yes and no. a dogs tail can heal on its own but it still needs medical attention.

Examples:The dogs tail went thwack, thwack, thwack against the floor as it waited for the door to open.The dogs tail thudded against the floor while it waited for its food.Thump, thump went the dogs tail on the floor as it was being pet by its favorite person.

They do it with their muscles.

you should never cut a dogs tail off, it is very panefull and all dogs need tails.

You do not have to dock any dogs tail. But some show dogs tails may need to be docked.

you should never cut a dogs tail off, it is very panefull and all dogs need tails.

Yes But dogs that don't have tails don't

The tail will bleed and the dog will feel pain.

you should never cut a dogs tail off, it is very panefull and all dogs need tails.

it matters on the dog. curly tail dogs curl their tail up when their happy, and wag it the same time when their super happy. dogs with strait tails just wag it. when they're bored/ sad all dog's tail go down. And when all dogs a scared the tail is between their legs or it's strait as if their sad, but their tail would be stiff.

when it wags its tail, it means its happy, and when its tail is still it means its bored, but when its tail is in between its legs it means its mad.

It depends. Dogs' tails are different lenghts because dogs are different sides

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