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So they don't get cold or wet, it may look like a dog is wet but underneath they are dry and warm

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Why do dogs have wrinkly mouths?

On some dogs it's just extra skin that bunches up, but some dogs are jus born that way.

Why do dogs have extra skin along the ruff?

It's from when they were puppies. Thei mother would carry them from the scruff.

A layer of skin?

A layer of skin can be Extra Skin or Fat.

What is the extra pocket on a dogs ear?

extra sensing

Can dogs skin be purple?

well, no. their skin can be purple if they rot and die. otherwise, NOPE! a dogs skin can not be purple.

What colour should dogs skin be?

One of my dogs has pink skin, the other has grey! Don't know if this is what they are supposed to be but they are very healthy. ANSWER: Dogs have various skin colors, just as people do. It does appear that most light coated dogs have darker skin colors, and most dark coated dogs have lighter skin. My black dachshund has pink skin, and my tan dachshund has black skin.

Does the extra skin on a penis effect sperm development?

Extra skin on the penis does not affect sperm development.

What causes pink skin on dogs?

Pink skin on dogs can be caused by dermatitis. Dermatitis is a skin condition that is caused by fleas.

Extra Skin Under Chin called?

The scientific term for the extra skin under the chin is called the Flarper

Why do cats dogs have whiskers?

whiskers are the one which makes cats and dog special in sensing things.....whiskers are nothing but hairs with extra nerves under skin.......

Are Italian Greyhound dogs prone to skin infections?

Yes, the Italian Greyhound dogs are prone to skin infections.

What is the extra skin on your elbow?


What is a weenies?

It is the extra skin on your elbow.

Can people with turner syndrome get rid of the extra skin on there neck?

I believe there is some sort of surgery to get rid of extra skin on the neck?

Why is your dogs skin dark colored?

Genetics. Why is your skin the color it is?

Why do dogs lick your skin?

Dogs lick your for a couple reasons... Either they want to get your attention,or they just like you. Some dogs just lick you for the salt on your skin.

How can dogs get skin cancer?

Yes they can. It typically happens on there noses where there skin is the most exposed to sunlight. There are sunscreend sold for dogs.

What is the skin covering of a wild dog?

Like domestic dogs, feral and wild dogs are covered in densely furred skin.

What is the extra skin on your knee called?

Poilieteina scrotus skin

What does web feet in dogs look like?

A dog withe webbed feet will have skin that connects the toes from where the toe attaches to the foot to the nail. It is simple to check, just separate your dog's toes and see if you can see the aforementioned extra skin.

What dogs have blue skin?

The Portuguese Water Dog has blue skin.

Do dogs breathe through their skin?


What is the extra skin on the elbow called?


What is the extra skin at the elbow called?


What do you do for a dogs dry skin?

dogs also get dry skin the only way to get rid of it is to buy pet friendly moustizing get from petsmart

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