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Why do dogs have four legs?

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How menny legs doeo dogs have?

Dogs have four legs.

Do dogs have 4 legs or 2 arms 2 legs?

Dogs have four legs.

How many legs are on four dogs?

there are 16 legs

How do dogs move about?

dogs move by walking on on their four legs.

All dogs have four legs Rover is a dog Rover has four legs This is an example of?


Three birds and and four dogs have how many total legs?

22 legs

What dogs don't have four legs?

the ones that get hit by cars and lose their legs

What animals have four legs and start with N?

Newfoundland and Norfolk terrier are four legged dogs. A nanny goat has four legs.

How many dogs do you need to have 100 legs?

Assuming every dog has four legs, then you would need 25 dogs to have 100 dog legs.

How does a buffalo walk?

with its four legs like dogs

Do dogs have four legs or four limbs?

Either, legs are limbs too. But usually you would say 4 legs as they don't really have arms

How do African wild dogs travel?

On four legs in a pack

How do prairie dogs move?

they move on all four legs or they can walk on both of there legs if they want to

Why are dogs called four legged if two are arms?

because the dogs walk on all of their legs

What is the difference between a human skeleton and a dogs skeleton?

dog has four legs and human had two legs

How many legs does a husky dog have?

Huskies, like all dogs, have four legs. Only on rare occasions are dogs born with 3 legs (usually birth defects or disease)

How can dogs run so fast?

Dogs can run fast because they have four legs. Their legs are supported by strong bones and muscles to help them increase their speed.

What are similarities between horses and dogs?

the both have legs the both stand on four legs they both can be tamed OK get it

How many legs does a staffordshire bulldog have?

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier, like all dogs, naturally has four legs.

How does a dog move?

A dog trots by means of propulsion with its four legs. Usually dogs walk with three legs on the ground at a time; dogs have two legs on the ground to save time while leaping.

Is there different things about dogs and humans?

Two main things. Dogs have four legs and a tail - people don't.

How many legs does a dog have?

every dog has 4 legs.There are dogs about with just 2 or 3 legs, this normally is because of injury.Ruff RuffDogs have four legs.A dog of either female or male has 2 legs and 2 hands(paws)

How many arms does a dog have?

dogs don't have arms they have four legs and a tail

Why do dogs have four leggs?

why do u hav 2 legs? jk they were born like that ! god created them with 4 legs

Why aren't there any animals with two arms and four legs?

Because all together their is for legs.Like dogs for example.Their front legs are like arms and the back legs are...legs