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That is their way of identifying you and learning who you are so they will recognize you later.

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Why do dogs sniff people when they come in your house?

dogs sniff people to become acquainted with them, one sniff can tell a dog a lot about the person that the dog sniffs.

Why do dogs sniff all the time?

Dogs sniff all the time because that is how they learn about what is going on around them. They sniff for food, they sniff to find out where their humans are, they sniff other dogs to learn about them.

Why do dogs sniff out drugs?

Not all dogs sniff out drugs. The dogs that do sniff out drugs have been specially trained to do so. The reason that dogs are used to sniff out drugs is because of their great sense of smell.

Why do dogs sniff but?

dogs sniff but because they need to see if the dog /human is friendly

Why do dogs sniff human urine?

Dogs sniff as a way to identify - other animals, other dogs, and people. A dog's sense of smell is as sensitive as their sense of hearing - it is a way for them to communicate and to know who is around.

What do dogs help people with?

Dogs help people to sniff out drugs or dead bodies they also help people by guarding their houses etc.

Why dogs sniff each others but?

Dogs sniff each others butts because it is their way of saying hello

What are police dogs special features?

One reason is that they sniff out people and bark at a criminal;

How do dogs help police?

they help sniff out drugs, alcohol, bombs, and/or missing people.

Do poodles sniff a lot?

Yes, all dogs sniff and smell everything. This is how they learn. It is natural for dogs. This is how they remember how to find there way back home if they get out of the yard. They always smell their food before eating it. Dogs smell people too.

How does dogs hunt for food?

they sniff it

Can dogs figure out your name by a sniff?


What do dogs sniff?

Just about everything.

Dog is sniffling?

Dogs have to sniff, they sniff the ground to see where they can pee or poo or they sniff they're food. There are loads of reasons.

What jobs do police dogs do?

They are taught to sniff out drugs, bombs and dead people,alsp they are taught to smell for people who are missing.

Name something police dogs do?


What animal can sniff out things the best?


What is the function of a dogs nose?

to sniff butts

Can drug dogs smell smokeless tobacco?

Well if drug dogs are trained to sniff out dip they can but most if the time they are just trained to sniff out drugs.

What is role of dogs in the airport?

Most people are probably aware of dogs being used to detect explosives, but dogs are also used to sniff out illicit drugs and agricultural contraband.

Why do dogs sniff their butts?

its a dogs way of being polite and saying"hi!"

Do police dogs sniff out weapons?

Yes, police dogs can be trained to sniff out weapons. They can also be used for other search tasks, such as drugs, money, people, explosives, plants, etc. Dogs can be trained to sniff out virtually anything due to their very sensitive sense of smell.

Why do dogs sniff your butts?

It's how they greet you. It's how they say hello. It doesn't work that well for people though.

How do dogs sniff out death?

They use their sensitive noses.

What do people sniff?

people sniff crack, flowers, perfumes, food, etc...

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