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Cause it is made for cats.

Dog food and cat food have different nutritional values. Cat food is higher in proteins and fats. Dogs do not need this added fat and have different nutritional needs to cats. If the dog threw up after eating just a little cat food, perhaps it just upset their stomach or they were sensitive to an ingredient in the food. Eating a little cat food is not dangerous, but if the dog eats cat food long term on a regular basis, it could cause damage to parts of the digestive tract.

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Q: Why do dogs throw up when they eat cat food?
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What do dogs do if they eat cat food?


Will cat food hurt dogs?

No, but it is not good for them to eat it.

Do dogs eat grass to make themselves throw up?

Dogs eat grass to help digest their food.

Is it healthy for dogs to eat cat food?

No but it won't harm them

Can dogs eat cat food for a midnight snack?


Why do dogs like cat food?

Cat food typically has more protein and fat in it than dog food, which is the main reasons a lot of dogs will readily eat cat food - they love the taste from the fats.

Do coyotes eat cat food?

If they found it they would seeing as dogs do.

Why can't dogs eat cat food?

they can, but it makes them fat and gassy.

What do most animals eat?

most animals eat their own food like cats eat cat food and dogs eat dog food (and bones!).

Do cats eat dogs?

no, they eat cat/dog food and prey like mice,birds and rabbit. only people eat dogs

Is that okay for puppies to eat cat food?

No. Cat food has a much higher fat content than dog food does, which is unhealthy for dogs.

Why do dogs throw up their food?

Some dogs will regugitate their food and then eat it; that's how they would feed a puppy. I am assuming the dog is not sick. dogs will throw up after eating grass. dogs will throw up from tainted dog food, or some kind of human food that was given. or a foreign object got eaten.

Can kittin's eat dog food?

Cats are carnivores, whereas dogs are omnivoures. Therefore, dogs can eat cat food, but not the other way around, so no, kittens should not eat dog food.

What if cat eats dog food?

I have a cat myself, but he has never ate dogfood in his life. Even so, cat food is made for cats, and dog food is made for dogs so it would be rare for a cat to eat dog food. But if your cat does eat it, then it probably won't do anything to your cat.

What is the difference between BV in dogs and cats?

The biological value in dogs and cats is different. A dog can eat a cat's food but a cat cannot eat dog's food. Compared to dogs cats need more fats in their BV while dogs need more proteins.

What do cats eat that dogs dont?

Milk, Fish or fish bones, Cat food.

Do dogs prefer cat food?

Most dogs do prefer cat food, though it is not recommended that they eat this. Cat food is very high in protein and fat compared to dog food, so it is likely that dogs would prefer cat food, as it would naturally taste better. Due to the higher fat and protein content, cat food could cause weight gain in a dog if it eats cat food on a regular basis.

Why does a cat eat grass then throw it up?

Cats eat grass and throw it up because they are sick or think they are sick it makes them throw up so there tummies will feel better. Dogs tend to do the same thing

Will it hurt a min pin to eat cat food?

I think dogs can eat cat food but cats cannot eat dog food, they must have cat food. The reason for this is that cats are unable to make all the vitamins they need and have to be given it in their food, dogs can. Dogs can be vegetarian, cats cannot because of this. Dog food will not harm a cat, but they cannot live on it. Cat food wont hurt a dog but you don't want to give a dog cat food all of the and cats have different nutrients. It won't hurt him at all, but it shouldn't be encouraged. If you have a dog and a cat, place the cat food on a worktop or garden wall where the cat can climb up but the dog can't get at it. Answer Yes it can cat food has fish oil in it which will cause your dog to lose its hair if he eats cat food all the time.

Do dogs eat cat waste?

No they do not.

Does dogs eat cat?

Some of them do

What can you do with leftover fish?

feed it to your cat or throw it away DO NOT try to reheat it it will NOT taste good. (I talk from experience.)Actually, don't throw it away, because that will be wasting food. you could just throw it to some stray cats or dogs that live around so they will get some food too, or, if you want to try and eat it, you could, but just remember, DON'T WAST FOOD!

Why is cat food cheaper than dog food?

cats eat less than dogs so you basically have more food for cats

What can a cat eat?

cat food

What can cat eat?

cat food