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It could mean three things:

1. The hamster is excited. The hamster is being taken to somewhere else, out of his cage! New smells! New places to hide! He is vibrating with anticipation.

2. The hamster is frightened. The hamster might have been dropped before when it was being held. He might be thinking, "Put me back in the cage! PLEASE PLEASE!"

3. The hamster is cold. This rarely happens, but if it is shivering, it means it needs to sleep and "regenerate" some warmth. Don't bring short-haired hamsters in the snow or rain! It could freeze to death!

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Q: Why do dwarf hamsters vibrate when held?
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Do Chinese dwarf hamsters vibrate?

Yes they can be excited scared or frightened

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Roborovski dwarf hamsters are a type of dwarf hamster. 'Dwarf hamsters' is a subspecies in hamsters. Types of dwarf hamsters are: campbell's, roborovski, chinese.

How old do dwarf hamsters have to be to be held?

Hamsters leave their mothers at 2 weeks old. After this it is o.k to hold them.

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Male Chinese dwarf hamsters can be mixed with male Chinese dwarf hamsters. Female Chinese dwarf hamsters are often not friendly to other Chinese dwarf hamsters. DO NOT MIX HAMSTERS OF DIFFERENT BREEDS, it could result in the death of one hamster

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No, I have had albino dwarf hamsters and they are not blind.

Are dwarf hamsters sad if they squeak?

No, dwarf hamsters squeak when they are happy.

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There's lots of dwarf hamsters in the world!

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