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They are there to bring them comfort and give them proof that their lives will continue albeit in a different form. They will help them to leave the physical body and make the transition into spirit, welcoming them and surrounding them with loving energy.

Bible Scripture states that the *soul* is a person. The *soul* that sins, it shall die.

Scripture teaches that the soul is mortal. It will die without the breath of life. The breath of life is the air that flows in and out of our lungs. Without air, we will die, regardless of our state of health.

Ghost, Past Lives, Reincarnation, and a host of other beliefs and teachings all share one common element. Each one is built upon the presumption that the soul is inherently immortal and lives on after death. Scripture does not teach that the soul is immortal. In fact, it teaches just the opposite. Scripture teaches that the soul is mortal and is subject to death. The dead know nothing at all. That is what Scripture teaches.

This is because the other side exists, pretty simple really as the vibrational state changes between your soul/spirit and your body, the physical starts the "cease to function" routine (death) and you then become aware of the true nature of yourself as this happens you can see the other side (realm) where others have passed over.

The brain is a very complex organ as it dies the lack of oxygen for while makes it speed up as you are dying you are asking yourself different questions and the brain answers you with answers you like to hear some people see images of Jesus or there loved ones to others its a nightmare

A preacher said " God sends someone to help us go there when we die". It's a comfort to see that person that has already gone.

After asking a Baptist minister and a Lutheran pastor a similar question regarding ' the Other Side' they both mentioned that there is always the possibility that when someone 'makes contact' with a person who has died, they may actually be in contact with something evil, a demon, in disguise. Thus you should never seek to make contact with the dead.

Personally, I don't believe that ''real'' contact can ever be made - the subconscious mind is a powerful thing and can produce very realistic dreams and illusions (or delusions)- but the latter scenario sounds as likely to me as seeing departed loved ones.

Dead loved ones not only come when someone dies, they also come when a baby is born. I have had a near death experience and I know for a fact that it isn't a mind trick or anything. They are there to guide us home.

When my own grandfather was dying in his hospital bed, he created a fantasy world wherein he held a patent for some device and that all of the family members would be receiving large royalty checks in the very near future. (My grandfather was a machine shop worker, not an entrepreneur or inventor.)

That was several years ago, and no check has ever arrived. It may just be that people see images and think thoughts that comfort them to keep their mind from going totally crazy in its last few moments.

But hey! Take heart! You're going to die one day, and you'll find out then!

During Death and birth massive amounts of DMT are released into the brain. DMT is generally considered the most powerful hallucinigenic known to man. When DMT is taken by non-dying people they often have what they consider deeply spiritual experiences, during which they hallucinate wildly.

Because the the necessary oxygen in your blood is not being pumped sufficiently to your brain. Therefore you are not able to think coherently and delusional events are likely.

My mother died a few days ago and she was constantly mumbling things which did not exist in her semi-comatose state. She laughed as if she was seeing her long lost dead dog and also spoke to herself a lot. I would like to think that she was in the state of passing over and seeing where she was about to go and maybe greeting her past lost loved ones. I hope that when she breathed her last, it was because she had crossed over.

In 1977 I had a near death experience which is part of a study at the universaty of Virginia.It is just as clear in my mind today as the day it happened.When my spirit was in the place of darkness I said to myself I AM GOING BACK TO THE PLACE I CAME FROM,it all ended before I got there.I am now 83 and am anxious to find out where I was going.Dying is a blessed relief from this place which is as close to hell as it gets.Religion as practiced today is all wrong and will be history in another 500 years.

Yes, People do see their departed loved ones coming to take them home. My Mother in Law just passed last night and in the past 6 months she has been seeing her departed, husband of 50 years, at her bedside and she kept telling him to go away, well now she has gone to the other side and probably kicking herself because she could've avoided the pain. My grandmother also, was in a comatose state and still breathing normally until her last breath which in that last breath, she opened her eyes and had the look of pure joy which we can do nothing but assume it was my grandfather whom she had been married to for over 50 years coming to escort her "home". My advice to anyone reading this is pick up some Sylvia Browne books (get mine from see if she doesn't help answer some religious questions you have. It put my mind at ease and my spirit as well. Sylvia has been a wonderful help to me.

We tend to re-incarn with the people we have been working with to aid in completing certain understandings. so it makes sense that we would congregate during the in-between-time to compare notes on our progress. The whole set up is kind of tricky in that after we choose what physical body we will occupy next lifetine as well as location,parents, situation, etc, we start over with a new conscious mind so that we don"t readily remember what we decided to come here to do, since the decision was made while existing in subconscious mind, or soul where all our understandings are stored. Waking up has to happen consciously each life time. That is why there is so much confusion. Most people have yet to decide to wake up or even be open to the necessity, eroneously thinking that what they now know is all there is, so another lifetime is essentially wasted. There are those around you who may be awake. Look for them. See the link for uncommon knowledge. See also the link for common dream questions #25.

I have never had a near death experience nor do I know anyone that has had one. I believe that if you truly believe that you will see your loved ones then you will. My dad died almost 6 years ago and I wasn't there with him. It really hurt because I never knew that if the last thing he was thinking about was me or my mom and I may never know, but one things for sure, I'm looking forward to seeing him again.

Demons, plain and simple. Demons inhabit people and when people die demons have no where to go. They become accustomed to dwelling a human body and take on the form of their former host.

People do not get a "choice" to "haunt" the earth, that is merely man's arrogant speculation that eternity is shaped by their own will.

Departed loved ones are NOT roaming the earth after they die, period. What you are entertaining are DEVILS playing with your mind and emotions.

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These are known as 'near-death experiences' if the person is close to death, but as 'out-of-body experiences' in other cases. Not everyone who is dying reports a near-death experience, but many people who are not dying do report similar experiences. Paul Kurtz (Science and Religion: Are They Compatible) says a very common factor is the belief that one is dying and gives examples that can cause analogous out-of-body experiences, such as:

  • Falls or accident where a person thinks he is about to die but survives
  • Sleep paralysis and hypopompic and hypnagogic dream states are sometimes factors
  • Conditions such as low blood sugar, oxygen deprivation, reduced blood flow or temporal-lobe epilepsy

Christians often also experience visions associated with Christian beliefs, while Hindus experience visions associated with Hinduism.
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Q: Why do dying people see their loved ones who departed before?
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