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Farmers plant seeds so that they can grow fruits and vegetables for market. It is how a farmer makes his living.

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Q: Why do farmers plant seeds?
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Related questions

What is a plant that farmers plant that rhymes with weeds?

Farmers plant seeds.

What farmers plant rhymes with weeds?


Where did Early farmers plant seeds along the Nile?

They planted their seeds on the Zigguarts

Why didn't farmers used to eat the best of the seeds that they produced?

The farmers did not eat the best of the seeds that they produced because they they offered them as sacrifices and used them to plant for the following season.

How do farmers plant seeds now?

The same way they did back when; plowing and watering.

How do farmers plant seeds in India?

they dig a hole and put the seed in it then they cover it up

How do you make peanuts?

You don't make peanuts, they grow on a plant, farmers pick them and sell them. You don't make them you plant seeds or buy them.

What tools did artists craftsmen and farmers use in their work in Aztec times?

Farmers used sticks to dig holes into soft in order to plant seeds.

What farmers sow to make plants?

Farmers sow seeds in a variety of ways to grow plants. They usually use large commercial farm equipment to plant in different seasons.

How do sunflowers make more sunflowers?

Sunflowers have seeds that will fall to the ground from the wind or travel with animals. Farmers sometimes plant entire fields of sunflowers to sell them for the oil in the seeds.

How did farmers adapt to hillsides?

they maybe pulled weeds so crops could grow or made holes to plant seeds

In what season do farmers plant their seeds?

During rabi and Kharif seasons/ Spring (for summer crops) and Autum (for winter crops)

Who uses hybridization?

Those who produce seeds for farmers to plant. Farmers would be looking to use seed that will give better yields. Perhaps ones that will do better in very dry seasons.

What do farmers plant?

Farmers plant crops.

What was a ancient Egyptian farmers job?

Amcient Egyptian farmers would work for anyone higher in the social pyramid than them. They would farm and plant seeds. They were paid with food, clothes, and shelter

Where do farmers get seeds from?

Farmers get the majority of their seeds from crop breeders who specialize in producing seeds to grow the plants that farmers grow to sell their crops with. The seeds that farmers keep from the crop they sow often won't be suitable enough to grow again, especially with crop varieties like corn, wheat and canola.

Can potatoes produce seeds?

See answer to question, Can potato make new plant? You can plant the whole potato to make a new plant, or wait until it grows "eyes" on the outside, which are the "seeds" that form new plants. Each eye can make one new plant. Farmers use baby potatoes, or 'seed potatoes' to start new plants.

How many acres does 100lbs of corn seed cover?

If you are asking how many acres 100 pounds of corn seed will plant, there are too many variables to answer this question. It depends on what population density a farmer wishes to plant and the number of seeds per pound. Farmers plant anywhere from 28,000 seeds per acre to as high as 40,000 seeds per acre, and seed counts can range from 1,250 seeds per pound to as high as 4,000 seeds per pound.

How are seeds transported?

seeds are transported when an animal eats some and it rubs off and makes a new plant for example water buffalos were practically farmers that way. a fourth grader just answered your queistion

How does a tomato plant reproduce?

A tomato plant reproduces with seeds. The fruit of the plant is filled with these seeds, and when the fruit falls to the ground the seeds will grow. People also harvest and plant these seeds.

Where did they get their food?

Farmers plant seeds which goes in the soil . Water and sunshine go on the plant and it grows into food . But depending on what food it is , they would havee to kill the animal and bake it . ( im a 5th grader :) . )

What function do a plant's seeds serve?

The function of seeds are for the plant to reproduce.

Why do farmers have to plant wheat each year?

Because wheat is an annual crop. That means it grows for only one year, producing one crop of seeds. The plant dies at the end of its reproductive cycle.

How is cotton renewed?

Cotton is grown on bushes on cotton farms, by farmers who plant the seeds, nurture the plants, harvest the cotton and sell it to cotton processing facilities. Given that it is an annual plant, it is renewed annually.

How do plants make seeds?

when you grow a plant such as a vegetable when you plant it not only your planting seeds but in some seeds there's extra seeds in it which is smaller then the seed so as it grows the extra seeds get inside of the plant.