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Why do ferns grow out from another fern?

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Mother ferns, Asplenium viviparum, and A. bulbiferum, are two species of fern where small clones grow directly from the fronds of the parent. When the clones are large enough, they fall off the parent, and take root in the substrate below. Many plants have evolved the ability to produce clones of themselves in order to spread faster in an area than their competitors,as reproducing through clones is much faster than sexual reproduction through spores or seed.

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How do ferns grow on trees?

Spores from adult fern plants get carried in the in the wind and grow on trees.

Describe how ferns can reproduce asexually?

fern rhizomes grow branches that can be separated from the plant and grow on its own

How do maidenhair fern reproduce?

The Maidenhair fern reproduces using germ cells called spores. The spores grow into small roots and then grow to be MaidenHair ferns.

How do you grow fern?

For a complete guide to growing and caring for ferns visit the link below

Do walking ferns grow spores?

yes! The fern life begins as a spore! Isn't that amazing!

Why would a fern grow taller and thicker than moss?

Ferns have a vascular system, mosses do not.

Do you need a seed to grow a fern?

no, ferns reproduce with spores. yeah i know, science class.

What is the plural of fern?

The plural form of fern is ferns.

Are fern fossils considered animals?

Fern fossils come from ferns. Ferns are plants, not animals. Hence, fern fossils are plants, not animals.

Can some ferns grow as big as trees?

Yes. The black tree fern of New Zealand, for example, can grow to 20m high.

Where is a fern leaf from?

There are ferns, fernleaf peonies, fernleaf dill, fernleaf lavender, and fernleaf biscuitroot plants. Ferns grow on every continent except Antarctica.

Why do ferns grow taller then mosses?

Ferns are taller then mosses because they have a vascular system that transports their food and water from the roots, and up the stem to the leaves.

Can a fern reproduce by seeds?

No. Ferns reproduce by spores.

Where is fern found in Jamaica?

ferns can be found in fern gully

What is the plural possessive of fern?

The plural possessive is ferns'

What is the plural possessive word for fern?

The plural form of the noun fern is ferns. The plural possessive form is ferns'.Example: The ferns' pots lined the windowsill.

What are facts about ferns?

There are about 12,000 different species of ferns.Ferns do not have seeds or plants and instead they reproduce by spores.In the book, Where the Red Fern Grows, there is mentioned a rare red fern. There is no actual known fern in existence.

Can cats eat ferns?

A true fern plant is not considered toxic and is safe if a cat eats it. Some ferns such as the asparagus fern and other plants like the winter fern and fern palm are toxic.

Can a silver fern be tree fern?

yes No, the silver fern can not be a tree fern. Cythea and Alsophila are tree ferns

What is the scientific name for a fern?

There are many different types of ferns, some of them tropical and some which will grow outside in the US. A few examples are the Christmas fern, Polystichum acrostichordes; the cinnamon fern, Osmunda cinnamomea; the autumn fern, Dryopteris erythrosora.

What is a fern frond?

"Frond" is the name for the "leaf" of the fern. A frond is a actually long stem with many leaves growing outward from the middle. They can be directly opposite to one another, or staggered along the stem. Ferns grow from underground structures called rhyzomes.

What is the plural possesive of fern?

The plural form of the noun fern is ferns.The plural possessive form is ferns'.example: Those ferns' lacy leaves add softness to the garden.

What are the common five ferns?

Lady Fern Asparagus Fern Ostrich Plume Fern Japanese Painted Fern Red Fern

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