Why do flamingos make a heart shape when their in love?

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What is a flamingo?

A flamingo is a long legged pink feathered wading bird of Africa.It has a large down turned beak for sifting shallow lakes for shellfish etc which maintains the pink plumage. The broad pink wingshave black wing tips. There was also an aircraft of the 1930s called the De Havilland(UK) Flamingo. It wa ( Full Answer )

What is the vigerous and invasive vine with heart shaped leaves that makes no flowers but produces little potatoes that fall to the ground and make more vines?

Genus Ipomoea Morning glories and other sweet potato relatives are all in the Genus Ipomoea . Nearly all have heart-shaped leaves and attractive flowers. Most produce a tuber underground; perhpas there is a species or variety or growing conditions that allowed for the plant to develop a tumor else ( Full Answer )

How do you make a heart shape cake with a rectangle pan?

you don't (first answer). If you bake the cake in a tin/pan with baking paper, when finished lift out the cake from the tin and let it cool down. Then cut out a nice heart shape from a piece of paper the size of the cake. Lay the heart shape on the cake and cut carefully around it.. Then you have ( Full Answer )

How do you sew a heart shaped pillow?

Find a heart template, You can make one by opening Microsoft office or paintbrush and adding then enlarging a heart shape to the desired size. Print and cut to the shape. Fold your Fabric in half and pin the template to it. Cut out the shape. You will have 2 heart shapes. If you are going to add lac ( Full Answer )

What shape is your heart?

your heart is a fist-sized muscle with smooth sides,a rounded sides and an arch of blood on top.. by the way, if you are looking for what shape the heart started as, idk, although it might be atoms.im not sure

How do you make symbols on a Mac Like a love heart or smiley face?

Many symbols have easy keyboard shortcuts. For example: ™ = option-2 • = option-8 ® = option-r © = option-g For others, if you can't use an HTML code or a unicode, you need to use the character viewer to select and insert the character. Once you enable the character viewer, it is ( Full Answer )

Who is the actor in the heart video for their song All I want to do is make love to you?

He is also in the Elton John video for "You Gotta Love Someone." I met him when parts of the Elton John video were shot in/near Natchez, MS. I know is name is David Gordon and he was even better looking in person than in either video and super nice! I wanted to add a commnet here... I worked with ( Full Answer )

Which tree has heart-shaped leaves?

A Northern Catalpa tree has heart-shaped leaves. To read about this tree, and to see an image of the leaves, click on the Related Link.

What noise does a flamingo make?

The sound made by a flamingo is not nearly as beautiful as their appearance. It is one that is difficult to describe. It sounds something like a warbling squack.

Shape of the heart?

More or less equal to his shut fist. The origin of the heart shape (

Why is your heart not shaped like a heart?

Our hearts look similar to a typically drawn heart. The maindifference is the edges and more simplex and the veins and arteriesare not included.

Why absence of love makes your heart grows fonder?

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. This means that if you are away from your loved one for a time, you will miss them and appreciate the love that you get from them.

How do you make a heart-shaped box?

On a piece of cardboard draw and cut out a heart the size you want it to be. . Use longish strips of stiff card and tape it round the edge of the heart shape until its shaped like a heart all the way round. . Paper mache it with PVA glue and water and newspaper then paint it the colour you want.

Is a love heart a geometric shape?

Yes. . A cardioid gives a good approximation of the heart shape. It is defined by the following equations: . x(t) = 2r[cos(t) - 1 / 2 cos(2t)] and y(t) = 2r[sin(t) - 1 / 2 sin(2t)] . However, the shape does not have the pointy end. . A better representation is given by (x 2 +y 2 -1) 3 -x 2 ( Full Answer )

Whhat makes a flamingo pink?

What makes a flamingo pink is the food it eats like shrimp considering shrimp is a pinkish color and also other pigments they eat.

You had a deam of a blue lady with small blue fairys she wanted your love heart shaped necklace that your boyfriend gave you what does the mean?

Many People dream of the Blue Lady as she is a 'dream walker'. she travels with her four fairy gremlins (who try to control you. this power is very weak and can be broken easily) the Blue Lady will exist in your dreams until she has got what she wants, which is power. Power of Love, the stars, the s ( Full Answer )

How do you make a heart shape cake with a round pan?

In the absence of a square pan AND a round pan (in which case you would cut the round in halves and go from there), I would say you'll have to cut it into the shape. Makes frosting it more difficult because the cake interior is crumby, so I'd recommend using a pastry bag to pipe icing onto the cut s ( Full Answer )

What food makes flamingos orange?

Flamingos eat large quantities of shrimp. .....Not. They eat Spirulina -- a species of algae found only in a few lakes in Africa, the main one being Lake Tanganyika, which is the second- largest freshwater lake in the world. Spirulina has a HUGE amount of carotenoids in it (several versions of v ( Full Answer )

How do flamingos make birth?

The male flamingo (a bird) has sex with the female, she lays an egg, and a short time later, the baby flamingo hatches from the egg.

Do shrimp make flamingos pink?

Yes,it does and also other pigments because shrimp is pinkish so it turns flamingos pink they are originally white when they are born.

How do you make a heart shaped cake?

To make a heart shaped cake you need a heart shaped baking pan. Go to Williams & Sonoma (on line if you live in the boonies) they have a variety of decorative baking pans. I am sure Walmart has special baking pans too.

Why is a valentine heart not the shape of a human heart?

i am guessing it isn't the same shape so it is more appealing to the eye, and not all gross looking like the real human heart, Actually if you see at Valentines the heart refers to the lips. Kissing is the shape of the lips, and the lips is used for kissing. Our Lips has become the symbol image f ( Full Answer )

Is heart shape a geometric shape?

yes , a heart is a geometric shape Yes. (We're not talking about the primary organ of the circulatory system here. It's a math question.)Draw a heart on a piece of paper. Draw it the "usual way" with the "lobes" pointing up and the "pointy part" down. Now cut it in half and look at just the line ( Full Answer )

Does the food flamingos eat make them pink?

Yes. Flamingos' pink coloration derives from pigments called carotenoids, which are the basis of red/pink/orange coloration in a variety of animals. These pigments cannot be generated by animals, but originate in photosynthetic organisms (plants, algae, some fungi and bacteria) and are then passed f ( Full Answer )

What can flamingos do?

FLAMINGOS can eat so diff. from humans. They can fly which is also what a human cant do either.

What makes flamingos endangered?

Flamingos are not endagered they say they are but there not.But there numbers are dropping quite quiqly so that makes people say that there endagerd

How can you make a Capricorn girl love from her heart?

You cannot make any person do any such thing. Learn about love yourself , enjoy your friends, grow, watch and learn. You will be surprised how people respond. If you spend any life energy trying to make other people feel or experience what you want them to feel or experience, you are in for a lif ( Full Answer )

What is it something in me that makes your heart feel that you really love me?

Hormones, your body is going through stages from a child to adolescence. If you are an adult then you probably feel comfortable around him which causes you to have love like you would for your parents. Answer With adults, that is exactly what it is. Something with you, about you, etc. that make ( Full Answer )