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It depends on the species on what croak, how long, and how loud a croak is. However, each mature frog in the spring has one thing on its mind: to mate. So they hop into a pond and start singing away, only stopping when interrupted (in which they start again a minute later) when they find a mate (they will start croaking again once they are done) or when it is no longer dark. Some frogs are known to croak in large groups, infact. the PTF (Pacific Tree Frog- also known as the Pacific Chorus Frog) find a pond a pond, and start singing. Both the females and males hear this. The females come to mate- the males come to join the group singing, hopping they too will get a mate.

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What type of tree frogs croak at night?

the type of tree frogs that croak at night is i dont know

How do frogs croak?

frogs croak when they are mating , the male frogs are the ones who usually croak.

Why do frogs croak more at night?

Because they are more active at night then day time. That mean they sleep during the day and play at night, Frogs don't just croak at night. Normally that is just when you hear them. Only the males croak and they are trying to attract a mate.

Do all frogs croak?

NO! not all frogs croak

Why does a frog croak?

Frogs croak when they want to mate; males are the ones that croak.

Does any animal have more than 9 lives math sheet?

Yes, Frogs Croak every night Croak = die

Do girl frogs croak?

Girl tree frogs do not croak because male frogs use it to attrack the girls to mate.

Do frogs roar?

Frogs do not roar. They croak.

What animals croak?


What animal croak?


How do you use the word croak in a sentence not a story?

Frogs like to croak after it rains.

Why do frogs croak?

to attract females

Do frogs yawn?

no, they just croak

Do frogs have a mating call?

Their Croak

Do female frogs croak?

In certain species.

Why do male frogs croak?

to atract a female

Do female green and golden tree frogs croak?

Yes. Females can croak. That is all i know. My midori can croak, and she wakes me up sometimes

Which animal make croak sound?

Amphibians like frogs and toads make the croak sound. There are no other animals that croak. The call of a raven might be described by many people as a croak.

How do male frogs attract female frogs during mating season?

male frogs will croak to attract female frogs.

Doea any animal have more than 9 lives?

No.But if you are referencing to the riddle, the answer would be "Yes, frogs croak every night."

How do you stop frogs croaking?

Make it croak.... Permanently.

What has four frogs but doesn't croak?

HorseBy DizzyFilly

What noise do tree frogs make?

croak and ribbit

How long do frogs croak at a time?

10 days

What do male frogs do to attract female frogs?

The Thing with there throats. well they croak. and the croak that sounds most attracting then the female joins up with that frog !!!!

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