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The skin of a frog is loose so that if a predator tries to hurts the frog, the skin would only be hurt because the eternal organs would be farther in the frog. Their loose skin also helps them to breathe easier.

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How do frogs lose water?

It is digested. It can also loose water from it coming out of there skin.

Do frogs have moist skin?

Yes frogs have moist skin.

What is frogs skin like?

a frogs skin is moist and slimy

Do frogs have scaley skin?

Frogs have wet, moist skin. Their skin is not scaly, but it is smooth.

How do frogs shed their skin?

frogs shed their skin by keeping it warm

Do frogs have smooth skin?

Yes. Frogs have smooth skin which is slippery and delicate.

Do frogs have bumpy and wet skin?

No frogs have smooth and slimy/wet skin.

How does a moist skin help frogs survive?

Because it frogs have hard skin

What has smoother skin a frog or a toad?

Frogs have smoother skin. Frogs have slippery and delicate skin, but toads have drier skin with warts.

Why is a frogs skin slimy?

Frogs breathe by diffusion through their skin, and the skin must be moist in order for them to do so

Do frogs drink and breathe through their skin or mouth?

Frogs breathe throw their skin

Do toads have bumpy skin and frogs not?

Correct. Frogs have smooth skin which is slippery and delicate, but toads have drier skin with warts.

Do frogs develop tails as adults?

no, adult frogs do not have tails. although frogs do have tails when they are young, but they loose them.

What do frogs use as skin?

Frogs obviousl have skin. its just very very warty and bumpy :)

Are frogs covered with scale or skin?


What animals can change shape?

Frogs can change sex and snakes can loose skin but if you say happy animal life four times you become a chicken!

Why do African dwarf frogs eat their skin?

African Dwarf frogs eat their skin to get the protein they need

Do tadpoles turn into toades or frogs?

they turn into both. frogs have smooth skin but toads have bumpy skin.

Do frogs skin bruise?

Yes, frogs do get visible bruises.

What kind of skin do frogs have?

The frogs have a rubber like skin that they are able to breathe through. Their skin is able to trap the moisture without it drying out.

Do frogs shed their skin?

They shed their skin then they eat it

What does some frogs skin contain?

dead skin

Why does a frogs skin need to stay moist?

Frogs breathe through both their lungs and through their skin. Their skin must remain moist for oxygen to get through their skin.

What are frogs covered in?


Where do frogs urinate from?

from their skin!