Why do front brakes stick?

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Most Likely Your Front Brake Hose, Over Time The Hoses Deterate On The Inside Closing The Hose and does not Allow Brake Fluid To Return To The Master Cylinder. I just tried what you said and you were right on the money : ) Sticking on the passenger side.Saved us a lot of money as we were going to change master cylinder.Thank you very much : )

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Q: Why do front brakes stick?
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Does the escort lx have front and back brakes or just front brakes?

Front pads (disc brakes) Rear shoes (drum brakes)

Does a stick shift have rear drum brakes?

There is no certain link between a car being a stick shift and what kind of brakes it has.

Can you replace front brakes but not rear brakes?


On a 1979 corvette master cylinder which reservoir is for the front brakes and which is for the rear brakes?

front front - rear rear.

Do front or rear brakes have more stopping power?

Front brakes have significantly more stopping power than rear brakes.

Why do you need front brakes?

The front brakes on any vehicle do most of the stopping. When you apply the brakes the weight shifts to the front of the vehicle. For this reason the front brakes are needed more than the rear. Try stopping a vehicle with just the hand brake which applies only the rear brakes.

How difficult is it to change emergency brakes to front wheels?

There are no emergency brakes on the front wheels of vehicles.

Does the Honda accord have front and rear brakes?

Of course. All vehicles have front & rear brakes.

What four things will stick to magnets?

It could stick to nails,nickles and brakes.

How do you Break in front disc brakes?

It is not necessary to break in brakes.

What kind of front brakes does a 1998 Jeep Cherokee have?

A 1998 Jeep Cherokee has disc brakes in the front.

Why does 1999 caravan front brakes stick?

That's usually a problem with the calipers, but if you haven't worked on them enough to check it out, it would be best to take it to a shop.

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