Why do gay people have difficulty finding partners?

There are several reasons why gay people tend to have more difficulty finding partners:

1. There are simply fewer gay people out there than there are heterosexuals. Only 10% of people are gay, so that means that there are about ten times as many people for a heterosexual person to date as there are for homosexuals.

2. The culture does not support gay marriages. Children are taught that it is normal to grow up, get married, and raise children. But these things do not apply to gay children. Parents of gays often don't ask about who their children are seeing and they are not pressured to give their parents grandkids. Thus gay people do not have outside pressure to find partners like heterosexuals.

3. Gay men are men. Women tend to be the glue in relationships and are often much more interested in long term prospects than men. This is because men are more prone to live in the present while women live in the future. They think about growing old with someone while men think about getting someone home for sex tonight. This is why lesbians are very quick to cement relationships.

4. There is no purpose to marriage for gay men. In most states, gay marriage is not legal, and thus the rights and privileges afforded to all other men are denied to them.