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People develop Anorexia Nervosa (AN) for many different reasons. Usually it is from a variety of causes, not just one in particular. Most full blown mental illnesses develop over the course of months and sometimes years, and this is probably the case with AN. It may start out with a preoccupation with body weight or image, and over time, become worse due to the convergence of other factors. Some people also develop ANA because of the need to have control over something in their lives. The satisfaction of being able to control their weight and food intake helps with the control issue, until it is what begins to control them.


The first medical account of Anorexia Nervosa was in 1689, and was referred to as "Nervosa Consumption", which the doctor thought was caused by "sadness and anxious cares." This doctor described two cases of AN, one male and one female, both teenagers (paraphrased from Joseph Silverman, Anorexia Nervosa: Historical Perspective on Treatment).

Anorexia Nervosa is one of three major types of eating disorders (ED), the others include Bulimia Nervosa (BN), and Binge Eating Disorder (BED).

People struggle with their appearance and eating behaviors for a variety of reasons. The onset of EDs can help understand the causal factors. Numerous genetic, neurological, psychological and sociological factors have been advanced to explain the occurrence of the disorder. Further, the starvation associated with anorexia causes neurological damage of its own that helps perpetuate the cycle.

From a genetic standpoint, studies of twins suggest that anorexic behavior has a high degree of in-heritability; in some studies valued as high as an 84% likelihood of inheritance.

From a neurological or neuro-psychiatric standpoint, studies suggest that anorexia is caused by disturbances in the serotonin-systems within the brain. The possible cause for the disturbed serotonin system would likely be genetic.

From a psychological standpoint, many girls may place too much emphasis on their appearance and overcompensate by extreme dieting; or they may copy the behavior of friends whom they admire. Many ED sufferers have been victims of trauma, such as sexual abuse, rape, or incest, or other types of trauma. Exerting control of weight and dieting can help provide a sense of control and distraction from unwanted memories.

From a sociological standpoint, there are many posited explanations, running the gamut from peer dynamics to economic analysis.

An example of a peer dynamic argument is that certain groups, irrespective of gender, in which success is directly proportional to being a small size, see high incidence of anorexia. Such groups include models and dancers (typically female) but also include competitive wrestlers (not to be confused with wrestlers in the sports entertainment industry) and horse-racing jockeys (typically male).

An example of a demographic argument is: the condition is related to socio-Economics, ethnicity and gender, with the vast majority of sufferers being female, white, economically privileged (often to the point of wealth, even by Western standards), citizens of Western countries.

An example of a Marxist-feminist argument is: many girls are taught that their self worth is based on their weight, Skinny = Worthwhile, and, Fat = Worthless; and this idea is promoted by many corporations who want you to base your self worth on whether or not you own their products. "Name brand" products are modeled by very thin people ("models"), many of whom suffer from ANA or MIA. So, their appearance in advertisements represents a glorification of a severe mental illness and of pathological behaviors. This type of advertising by corporations is arguably unethical and immoral; but nevertheless, very effective at getting people to buy into it.

Answer:Through peer pressure and body image, girls always want to fit into that size eight, they want to look good in a bikini, they want to be able to run and dance without their body jiggling. They want to look pretty but theirface is puffy and double-chinned.

Girls care more about what they look like than guys. It's a common fact that they feel the need to do their hair at least five times a day, apply mascara, wear revealing tops and mini skirts.

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Q: Why do girls become anorexic?
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