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AnswerIn my experience women generally show signs that they are unhappy before they change their minds, so it's not really that quickly, or any more quickly than anyone else.

Women are usually more in tune with their intuition as well so that is why they stick to their decisions. Personally I like to stay friends because obviously it's easier than not having that person around ever again- there was things that made it fun to hang out etc.

Guys hurt more after the breakup because they usually a) take the woman for granted and don't realize how awesome she was until she's gone and b) are taken by surprise. There's a saying, the relationship is over once the woman withdraws. I think this is very true and applies in your case as it would cause her to make a seemingly quick decision and not change her mind after the fact.


What can I say, but women are just full of those lovely little hormones that not only drive them crazy, but those around them. Who said guys hurt more than women? Depends on who is breaking up with who. Most women don't want to be friends with an ex boyfriend and I don't understand why this is mentioned so much on this board. The only reasons I can think of for "being friends" is the girl feels builty for breaking up and doesn't want to hurt him any further or she wants to keep all her options open (if the relationship she's involved in at the present time doesn't work out she can always go back to her ex). It's healthier to just break it off.

As much as it has hurt you please get out there with your friends and start having some fun. Did you know there are way more women in this world than men! You are literally a kid in a candy store. Take your time and you'll find the right person for you.

Good luck Marcy

Answersometimes girls change their feelings because they relize that they made their choice to quickly and they really need time to think about it. You can change their mind it is how hard you try that determains the ourcome. You don't want it to be to hard because then they will think you are stupidly dessperate. guys usually have more to lose in the relationship that is why it hurts more not that girls don't get hurt a lot to and some times they do get hurt more than guys it just depends on the circumstances and us girls don't let on that we are hurt usually we eat or way out of depression and girls want to be friends with the guys after wards because they had a good thing going when you were just friends with them AnswerAs a woman, I have NEVER understood why people want o be friends after breakup. I do not have any ex boyfriends/husband as a friend. I mean its still really. Its like having a wound that heals then telling yourself you will pick at it a little more. The last idiot wanted to be friends. I told him I do not need male friends as a mature woman. I think the no contact and good ridance is the best thing. We women also get set on decisions as you mentioned, especially if we have been treated bad. Once I dump a man and if hes treated me like dirt, I do not ever go back and usually they are in shock. I think they had some twisted illusion that I would put up with crap forever. Maybe they thought I was trained. Who knows. But all I know is I never go back for more. I move forward and forgive and let it go. AnswerThat's not true: both parties get hurt when feelings are involved and break up happens. Otherwise its one sided.In another words, one person likes the other person more and this goes for both sexes. However not all girls change their feelings so quickly if they do then that's what they felt in the first place or they are confused about wanting a relationship or the feelings they have for this person. Again this goes for both sexes..Same thing for not changing mind..It all depends on the feelings and the situation.. AnswerThose are all good, insightful questions. But eons of guys have come to a clear understanding...trying to answer them is pointless...your really better off trying to figure out how to make peace on earth, or the universe perfect. It's easier.

They're girls...they do what they do because of that...and that's all we guys can ever hope to understand of it. Lord have mercy on us all.

I think that the girl is really confused and doesnt have enought time to think and just goes along with what she feels like at the moment then when its done she thinks about it and maybe regrets it, We change our mind very quickly and go off things quickly if they don't entertain us enought, Also sometimes we say can we just be friends to break up in a nice way so we don't hurt there feelings to much or because we don't have a reason why we have broken up....

Actually to Marcy above(the very first response): I have to correct you on something you said. There are actually more males, not females in this world. More baby boys are born than girls(they are the faster swimmers/sperms, they are also more likely to die younger as in infancy or childhood and they typically die before women later in life so I guess it's kind of like God's way of making sure there are enough males in the world by outnumbering the females.), so it's actually the girls that have their pick of the litter. This is why men have to compete for the affections of the females. To the OP here: As far as this situation goes, it's no fun I know(I am a female btw.). It happens to all of us(males and females.). Women get dumped too, the ones they crush on start liking someone else after awhile(it's happened to me plenty of times. Part of it was always my fault though b/c I never made any moves out of fear or nervousness.). I've been heartbroken too in the past and once the guy I liked decided he didn't like me anymore, there wasn't much I could do to change his mind-He always moved on. It hurt like heck at the time, but I guess that's a part life. Keep your chin up though, there are plenty of other girls out there, you just have to wait and be patient. In the meantime, enjoy your freedom and your youth(it's short!), maybe try dating other girls. You never know, the new girl you meet may make the former girl pale in comparison. Don't be discouraged, the right one will come along. Honestly, if the current one you love doesn't feel the same way, then it's one-sided and she can't possibly be the right girl for you(the right girl would feel the same way). And you certainly deserve more than a one-sided love!

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Q: Why do girls change their feelings so quickly and once their minds are made up you can never change it why do guys always hurt more after the breakup and why do girls always want to be friends?
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How can you break up with your girlfriend with hurting her feelings?

Someones feelings will always be hurt during a breakup. Just be honest with her, she will be ok.

Is asking to be friends after breakup a wrong move?

Its always nice to consider a friendship after a breakup but it doesn't always work out that way. Right after a breakup you both need to take time away from one another as to get by and over this - then see what there is down the road.

Should a girl call her boyfriend after a breakup?

Only if you agreed to be friends, which doesn't always work.

Is it possible to be friends with your ex in the future if you had a messy breakup?

No, its not possible because there will always be that tension between you two. No matter the time lapsed you can't go back to be friends or just start being friends. There is a reason a relationship turns into a messy breakup!

Why do man change their feelings soquickly and once their minds are made up you can nver change it why do girls always hurt more after the breakup and why do man always want to be friends?

You think you can never change a guys mind and that they don't hurt after break ups and they just want to be friends? You must be new here.

What will happen if we always speak the truth?

We would quickly have no friends.

What are friends?

Friends are people that you can talk to and always share your feelings with. You should always be able to trust them and you both should understand each other and help them through their problems. True friends are rare but you can always find one out there! True friends are also people who will always be there for you when you have a fight or when you get into trouble(have your back).Friends are people who care about you and have things in common with you. Friends are always there for you, there are also mostly cases when someone has BEST Friends. Best friends are great too, you could talk to your best friend every day and get advice. Friends are always there to talk to. And most importantly you can always have trust for them.Friends are someone to talk our feelings.

What do you do if you have been friends with a guy for a while but then discover feelings for him?

Friends to more than friends so always a difficult situation and must always be handled with care. The first thing to do is try and find out if the feelings are mutual, if not then its not worth putting your friendship on line. If the feelings aren't mutual and being with this person all the time with your feelings like they are is very difficult. Talking about it is the best thing to do any way, no matter what they think. You need to tell them how you feel. If your good friends there isn't any reason why you can't be good lovers, it is done all the time. But if you do decide to take it further take it slow and always talk about stuff.

What do you think when your boyfriend told you that we will always be friends?

well is this after a breakup or something? if it is, he is just trying to make you feel better by telling you that. If its not, he is ABOUT to breakup with you because no guy or girl shall say that unless they are thinking of leaving their partner. I hope its not either of that. Good luck ..


Coming back after breakup is not only peculiar to boys but both sexes. It is an act of remorse and reconciliation. The party must have taken a critical look at his mistakes before deciding to come back

If a girl refuses to be as a friend to the boy who loves her what may be the reason?

Might be that if she doesn't feel the same for you as you feel for her it would be weird being friends since you don't really have friends feelings for her but love feelings. She would always know that it's there.

How can you breakup with him?

Tell him the truth - honesty is always the best policy.

How do you tell your guy friend that has a girlfriend that you have feelings for him?

It all depends on the status of your relationship with him already. If you are good friends with him. Telling him you have feelings for him, there is always a chance of your friendship being ruined and never gaining it back. But on the other hand if you are friends then you need to be honest. Goodluck

From a boys point of view if your old bf talks to you on the phone for only seconds and always makes a excuse to get off does he not know what to say or did we mess up our friendship by the breakup?

Its cause of the breakup. after a breakup, your not going to be able to be good enough friends to talk on the phone, at least for a good while. I have friends who after breakups didnt talk to the person for a year. Its been over a year and a half since I spoke a word to my exgf. Depends on why the breakup, he may wish you would just stop ringing him. After all you have broken up so you must get on with your life and meet new people.

If there is a part of you that always hopes your ex is miserable after your breakup did you ever love them?

if you love him after your breakup then you might aswell tell him you never no he might still like you to

What to do when you're facing a breakup with your girlfriend?

Talk it out. Its always best to be honest!

Why is Inuyasha so unaware of Kagome's feelings?

Simply because he is a stuborn guy. he doesn't want to show feelings because he doesn't want to appear weak to his friends. Like always his pride gets in the way.

What does it mean when a guy always sits next to you in class and stares at you while your talking to your friends then quickly turns away when you notice him?

he likes you

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Do best friends always have the same friends?

No, best friends do not always have the same friend. We do not have to force our friends to others.

How do you go back to being best friends when you realize it was a mistake?

Voice your feelings and then give one another time and space - its not always easy to go back.

Do sharks have feelings?

yes they have feelings. i mean they ALWAYS want to kill. and that is a feeling.

Does my friend have feelings have I screwed it up?

Friendship always has feelings attached to it between people. If you screwed it up, you can always make it again.

Do brothers understand the feelings of their sisters?

Sometimes a brother does understand the feelings of his sister. But not always.

How do you know weather he loves you?

Sometimes, when a guy likes you they tend to be nice to you in front of their friends, plus they stick up for you if someone's hurting your feelings, will always be by your side when no ones there for you.

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