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Q: Why do girls cut a hole in their panties after sex?
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What are keyhole panties?

Keyhole Panties are also known as sex panties, These Panties are designed with "hole(s)" built into them so that the woman can have sex with her husband while never having to take off her panties. These can have one hole or two. The holes are found (one) in the front and (one) in the back.

How many girls enjoy having their boyfriends wear panties.?

Well my girl say I could do sex with her if I wore her panties.

If you pull up a girls skirt and take off her panties what would happen?

Probably sex.

Do boys like girls because of their booty?

They Find It Attractive They Like What They See So They Start To Imagine how it would look without panties, sex and etc.

Why does she flash her panties?

She is getting attention waiting to get sex.

Why do grils wear panties?

there are many reasons... some girls wear panties to feel sexy. sometimes they wear panties if they wear skimpy outfits because some panties are similar to short shorts. Also if your planning on having sex you should wear panties because your man will find it sexy. also some girls wear panties because they like how they fit and feel. and some wear panties to feel younger. they think if they dress sexy they will suddenly become sexy to everyone, when in reality your still a cougar. some wear panties when they wear short dresses/skirts so when they bend over you see there new panties. and if you wear cute panties when your drunk and throw up on your clothes you can just take them off and still be covered up. and the list goes on.

Why do girls have 3 holes between the legs?

The first hole is the urethra for urination. The middle is the vagina for birthing a child and sex. The third hole is the anus for bowel movements.

Is it ok to smell your older sisters panties?

Smelling anyone's panties is weird. I prefer sex with a girl than settling for clothing.

What are Crotchless panties?

Crotchless panties have no material between the legs. No covering of the vagina area. They are not pointless. The POINT of any sexy themed panties, is primary to be used in the bedroom. In the end panties have to be removed in order to have sex. Why wear underwear WITH crotch material for that matter either? It's purpose is to be able to keep them on during sex: the reason you bought them in the first place.

What hole do girls like the most?

If you really need to ask this, then you're not ready to have sex anyway. Grow up a bit first.

Does Miley Cyrus like lingerie or panties?

she loves both but she loves to have sex

What are eatable panties?

Eatable panties are panties that a man eats off of a women, before or during sex. It somewhat spices things up. The material is usually made like a fruit roll up, or candy beads