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the pervs of the world find woman nipples sexual but not men.

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Q: Why do girls have to cover their nipples when guys don't?
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Do guys like it when girls nipples show?

There are many guys who like it when they can see girls' nipples. This is considered a sexual attraction and is common accentuated during sexual relations.

Why do guys suck on girls nipples and rub your vagina?

Because they think girls like it.

Why do girls like it when guys suck on their nipples?

cause it feels good

Do girls like it when guys kiss their nipples?

It depends on the girl some girls do and some don't.

Why are girls guys?

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What do girls have that guys dont'?


Why does girls dont tell guys the truth to honest guys?

Because they dont trust you....

When girls are horny why do they not show it as much as guys do?

no girls dontt have dicks to git boners girls just git hard nipples

Why girls hate nice guys?

they dont hate nice guys

Why dont guys have breasts?

Because its just like saying why do guys have penuses we all have them for a reason! so girls have them so guys dont need them because girls have them!

How come guys do not like over weighted girls?

guys are stupid. some guys dont like fat girls bcuz they dont think they r as pretty. THEY ARE RONG

Why do boys suck a girls nipples?

because guys feel tasty and also feel wild

Why are guys better than girls?

because guys dont have to work in the kitchen

Do shy guys like preppy girls?

i dont

Why do guys like girls breast to suck?

besause guys dont have brests . guys like beauty and 30% beauty of girls is of her brest

If guys get erections what happens to girls?

Their clitoris (analogous to the penis) becomes erect, and they also get hard nipples.

Is it normal to have three nipples?

Not exactly.1 in 50 people have them. Girls are just as likely to have three nipples as guys are. And these third nipples are usually small so it's unlikely that it will develop if you are female.

What country paid for Louis joliets voyages?

nipples nipples perverts!!!!!!!!!!!!! u guys or girls need help... go take ur meds... retards!!!!

Why do guys find girls making out attractive?

It is because guys dont see it everyday.

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Not all girls hate hairy guys if your very hairy dont be ashamed its just who you are

Why do guys like to confuse girls with random text messages and such?

as i guy i know that most guys do that cuz they like u and they dont want 2 say it so they cover it up that way

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Why dont guys like girls perfect for them?

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