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Why do girls laugh a lot when they talk to a guy?


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Sometimes it means that they like the guy and what him to notice them

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Probably because they like them or they think the guy likes them, they might just be nervous or just laughing.

I think, depending on the guy, they are trying to come off as friendly and non-threatening, so the girl will be more attracted to them and not scare her off.

A lot of girls like guys who have a sense of humor and can laugh when they think something is funny, but that doesn't mean girls want a guy who laughs all of the time for nothing at all. I know a lot of my friends, who laugh, but not to much, so that it feels forced. Just be yourself, and it'll all fall into places(; and, make sure that you make HER laugh also.

Yes, he is trying to get your attention and have you notice him. If you like him, you should respond and smile or talk to him.

Yes he does. In many interviews he says " I like girls with a nice smile and can make me laugh" There fore its obvious he likes girls who laugh alot.

He'll try and get close to her and make her laugh and becomes jealous when she flirts with other guys,also tease her a lot and try and talk to her a lot

Every guy is different. I must say that a girl that laughs too much seems more annoying than anything, but a laugh every now an then is nice.

you know because guys joke around a lot more then girls and if a guy likes you, you know because they will laugh at ur jokes or the way the guy acts around you

she is probably just trying to make the other guy jealous. girls tend to do a lot of that. but talk to her, you never know

he could just like your laugh. but mostly, yes he might like you

sometimes girls are the ones that talk a lot and they like it when a guy is quiet or gets shy about everything so they think its cute so probably not but there is girls that get mad about stuff like that so then probably you will lose her but if both of y'all don't talk then say something dumb so it will make her laugh at least or dump her ass haha

Yes you can it really is possible because there are a lot of girls and guys that do this

It is because a lot of girls appreciate a guy who is really nice and helpful to them.

Well , it depends . Is he still smiling at you ? Is he staring at you ? Does he make you laugh a lot ? Does talk to you a lot ?

You're really supposed to get their confidence first. It may not show, but a lot of boys are self-concious about girls!! So hang out with them, talk to them...then crack a joke.

If they comment you a lot, spend a lot of time with you, laugh at a lot of stuff you say, and txts you a lot.

Answer #1I am in 8th grade and i am a guy when i talk to a girl i like i talk to them a lot during the day and try to after school and i make her laugh and tell her about me and then she will share something so if he talks to you a lot and try to make you laugh then he probably like you Answer #2This is coming from an 8th grade guy. I like this girl now and this is what I do. I'm kinda shy so I'm not very direct. I try to make her laugh a lot. Also, I am one of her good friends. If a guy tries to become better friends with you or tries to become noticed by the girl. If they always seem to be around the girl it means that they are there for you.

ofcourse....... they are guys, they talk about their crush alot and its natural. Girls talk about guys alot!!

You just need to talk casually with him. try not to laugh a lot because that would be like flirting. you can even have a best friend come approach him with you. hope this helps! You just need to talk casually with him. try not to laugh a lot because that would be like flirting. you can even have a best friend come approach him with you. hope this helps! You just need to talk casually with him. try not to laugh a lot because that would be like flirting. you can even have a best friend come approach him with you. hope this helps!

let him! if he wants to, go for it. guys know a lot of girls have ticklish tummies! unless you don't like it, then just kinda laugh it off and tell him to stop

not all girls laugh a lot. I'm a girl, and yes i do laugh a lot, but that's just my nature to laugh. its probly just the diaphragm, cuz i have hiccups a lot, too. some girls laugh a lot cuz they're happy or peppy, some laugh a lot cuz they're nervous, and some try to use that as a body signal saying i really like you, and i want you to know that i think you're funny and cute and smart and amazing and i love you but i don't want to tell you that in words"AnswerWhy do guys laugh a lot? That's one way to think about it, but I believe girls laugh often because they are nervous or embarrassed.Also I assume that you are a boy if you are asking this question. If there is a certain girl or girls laughing a lot around you it might be because they like you, or just because of the above.Answer:I agree, I think most girls are just nervous, or it's just their nature to laugh a lot. I know I laugh a lot, and it's just because I love hanging out and having a good time. some girls may do it to be flirty though, depending, but I think you can tell for the most part. but some girls may just really like a guy and it makes them so nervous they laugh a lot and say dumb stuff, i do.Charlie :I laugh soo much i the worst for it .. i laugh mostly cause i get imbrassed and nervous but somtimes when you with a lad and you just laugh cuz your not talkin to each toherAnswer:girls laugh a lot more than guys because they are permitted to show their emotions more by most societiesAnswer:Well isn't it great? it's better to see a laughing girl than a frowning one.with regards to the question.... we do laugh to vent out our happiness sometimes to conceal our sadness. Others do that to grab attention, you'll obviously see the difference between a genuine laugh and a laugh to just look cute or something... while there are types of girls who are naturally born happy like me, I grew up in a family of eccentric people and there isn't a day that I would burst out laughing with any of their jokes whether good or lame i still laugh like my lungs would fall off!!! Even if I'm at work hearing something slightly funny make me laugh or giggle a lot.. (>.

ITs a fact that guys talk more about girls than girls do about guys because girls tend to talk a lot about social issues where as guys would talk about girls in that time.

It probably means that they talk a lot about a guy to their friend. Maybe they want to talk about someone. maybe someone's actions amuse them. Please check your spelling and grammar before posting a question. It should read as follows: "What does it mean when you talk a lot about a guy to a friend?"

if a guy is having fun with you he will smile a lot and will try to make you laugh. i love e.l.o.c

will girls because i see a lot of girls talk about makeup and nails hiar and boys will am a girl i talk about boys.

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