Why do girls like to be tickled?


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girls like to be tickled because it makes the guy and girl laugh and that feels like a flirt

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Yes. Girls do like to be tickled but by people they know and trust. Not someone they are strangers to.

Some do and some don't. If she says PLEASE stop, then stop.

hay girls Dow you like to be tickled in the feet

yes Miley Cyrus is ticklish. But she hates to be tickled.miley hates being tickled n yea she gets tickled alot

Yes, you can die from being tickled too much, because you can lose your breath and have a heart attack and die unpleasantly... If you have a phobia of being tickled do not try and get tickled by people who do like tickling people!

Yes I believe Miranda like having her feet tickled

yes dawn is tickled just on her bare feet that's a lie no it not my friend his the pics if dawn tied up get her bare feet tickled it it like it form the episode

pink elephant, Tickled pink, pink for girls,

A good sense of humor can do the trick cos gals love it when they bellies are tickled.

Selena Gomez does like to be ticked!

Like the angels of heaven wispering upon your neck!!

it feels like you have been tickled by your mom

The expression "to be tickled pink" by something means that you are very pleased by it. Often it is used when assenting to a request. E.g. "Would you like to play the part of Santa Claus?" "I'd be tickled pink." meaning "Yes, I would be delighted to do so."

Sometimes especially if they like you and you are flirting with them ok im a guy and i like being tickled... but only by girls and some girls tickle me constantly i love every minut of it! because somtimes they are flirting and some times they justwanna see me squirm but either way if you are flirting i think they will like it... I'm a woman and when my husband ties my feet and toes tight and tickles my soles for long enough, it makes me cum. I'm so ticklish and it's almost too much to bear, but it flicks my switch.

People laugh when they get tickled even if they dont like is because, there is a nerve inside of you that pretty much makes you laugh. Most of the time i dont like to be tickled either,but that nerve inside of me makes me laugh!! I know for a fact that you people out there laugh to. So dont say you dont laugh when you are being tickled

A Poppet loves to show off and be tickled!

Laughing when being tickled is our natural reaction

Ask "What do you think of being tickled?"

The answer is yes I've seen it written down somewhere that brigit mendler likes to be tickled and she likes her pretty feet and toes tickled I'd tickle her feet if she wants me to and lets me then I'll be fair about this and let her tickle me back in my ticklish spots like my feet sides ribs belly stomach underarms and the back of my neck and yes I'd love to be tickled by that blonde beauty

Yup right after she stripped naked for Girls gone wild.

No, it make us really really sick :/ we like to have our noses tickled ;)

The fear of being tickled is called 'pteronophobia'.

Tickled pink means being really happy.

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