Why do girls make it hard for you to get a hold of them?

With cell phones that's hard to believe, but, I suppose some girls run out of their minutes or even forget to turn on their cell phones. Girls can be flighty and they are with girlfriends, shopping, or plain "doing their thing." Try emailing her (if you have her email addy) and if you tried that then I'd quit trying to contact to her. Sometimes silence will do more than chasing all over the place after her. Some young girls can play games with a young guy and think it's "cute" to keep him hanging off the hook. Don't play the game! Phone her, email her one more time and if there is no answer move on.

Good luck

Alot of girls like to be chases..ok all girls....they want to see if you really like them enough to chase them when its hard...girls don't like to appear easy as if there just WAITING around for you to call them...which is the case sometime!!! Shhh =) so if you really like them yea put up with it for a little while but at sometime you have to confrount them about it and me like ''no more games=)'' say it in a nice funny way...!!! BUt sometimes there just not interested..but im preety sure you will be able to tell the difference!!! Girls also like to feel like there in control..it makes them feel more secure...SOMETIMES... so they string guys along...yea its wrong..and they shouldn't do it..but most girls do....