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because right now, youre a loser and she needs her reputation.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-17 18:38:36
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Q: Why do girls say they want to marry you but don't want a relationship with you now?
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Can your dad marry your girlfriends mother?

No one cares. But if you want to you can but if you dont want to then dont.

Why are some girls are not willing to marry even if they are deeply in love but they don't want relationship as well?

She just wants the D with no commitmentsSome girls are not willing to marry even if they are deeply in love because of the demands and commitments that relationships and marriages come with.

Why do men want to have relationship but dont want to marry?

Because there is nothing like a free rideANSWER: They would rather not pay for a house they won't be welcome in just years after the wedding.

How do you get your girlfriend to want to go farther in your relationship?

First of all dont push her into doing something. Girls dont like to be pressured or forced it makes them less willing to do what you want. Just tell her i want to go farther in our relationship and see what she says if she says i dont then just lay off she will eventually come around and if she says i do too the go for it ;D

How do you know if girls dont want you around?

you dont know, they either like you or they really dont want you around

Why do girls want a relationship?

They seek a more romantic, intimate, meaningful relationship.

How do you tell your boyfriend you don't want to marry him even though you told him yes?

just be brave and idment it that you dont want to marry him.

Can o negative blood group men marry o positive girls?

you can marry anyone you want

Can an Indian girl marry a Nepal boy?

Yes. There is no restriction in Nepal to marry foreign country girls. You can marry whoever you want.

Does kritika kamra want to marry karan kundra?

no they are just in a relationship

Do girls want a controlling boyfriend?

Not usually. Girls usually want someone who cares and some freedom when it comes to a relationship. If you are to controlling in the relationship, you are probally going to lose her.

What do you have to offer in a relationship?

you dont have to offer anything in a good relationship you do thinks when you are ready and only when you wont to you dont have to be forced into doing anything you dont want to

Why do middle school girls marry each other?

because they want to

Why do Jewish girls ask boys if they are Jewish?

They want to marry Jewish.

Is it legal to marry an animal in Pakistan?

ah- i dont want to know

Who is James from Kill It Cook It Eat It?

i dont know but i want to marry him

Why does wife lie about relationship with girlfriend?

dont want to have a threesome

What do girls not want guys to do in a relationship?

They want to be treated very well and looked after :) they don't want them to use them :( :)

Can you marry a chicken?

yes but probably not legally i dont think so anyways but go for it try what you want why would anyone want to marry a chicken anyways.

What do boys mean when they say they dont want a relationship with you?

They don't want to get at all serious

Should you continue your relationship after she dont want to go for dinner with you?

i just want to know the answer.

How should you tell your wife you want a divorce so you can marry a mermaid?


Why do girls wear daipers?

they dont they want you to see their pussys

Why dont all girls finger?

girls finger their self because they are horny and want sex

Why do Jewish girls ask guys if they are Jewish?

Most Jewish girls don't want to marry a guy who isn't Jewish.