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Personally I think it's an excuse on their part. I think they want to keep the guy close by just in case they change their minds. That can be the only reason because if you care about someone even as a friend, know that they love you, then they must understand that by having you around them while they date others really hurts you. I think you should tell her a friendship between the two of you is not an option and you're moving on. Don't be nasty, but just tell her it won't work. Then start dating again and find a girl that appreciates you more. If you hang around with this one girl who just wants to be friends, then you may well miss out on that special girl that you should really end up with. Also, if you are meant to be with the girl you just broke-off with, she may realize when you start dating and not paying so much attention to her, that she really does care. In any case, you'll end up the winner. Take solace in the fact that most of us have gone through this pain of someone falling out of love with us. It's painful, but not the end of the world. Good luck Marcy Maybe her intention in the first place wasn't to hurt you, or dare i say rip out your heart, but rather just to be friends.

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Q: Why do girls want to be your friend after they rip out your heart?
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